Is it just me?

…or do a lot of people who join this forum suddenly stop posting on this site when they are feeling better???

well, i hope so because that gives me hope!

Hey Ogdenman,

Yes, I think they stop posting when they feel better. Also it can be depressing reading about how f*cked migraine is and people just want to move on. Other people read and learn what they need and that’s enough for them.

Amazing, altruistic, generally awesome people such as me stick around as beacons of light and hope for everyone else. :smiley:


I’m there with you…I was one of the lost souls reading this crying my eyes out trying to learn everything I could. Now that I feel better, I try to help others. It’s my way of paying it forward. :slight_smile:

Well…I don’t plan on leaving soon (: I just got diagnosed with MAV last week. So far I’m on Zoloft(which is so far helping), and I’m starting Propranolol in a week. I also take 1/4 of 0.5mg of Klonopin in the evenings.

Hope even when I do get better to not just “disappear!” There are a lot of knowledgeable folks here on this forum! Lots of questions I had were answered before I even joined this site.

Well, we are happy to have you. Even though you’re still a newbie, I hope you are around with us “oldies” down the road…and recovered at that!!

Stick around long enough and you won’t be dizzy from migraine, but your head will be spinning with how freaking FAT you get :roll:

I think it is a combo of things - some people get better and leave, some people get tired of posting/facing up to this crap every day, some people just don’t have as much time, and some aren’t feeling up to it. However, we do get people who get better and leave but then come back to tell us their success stories, and people do post as they improve on their treatments and to give advise. I’ve tried to do that and I still from time to time, also need some support. So this board is good for a lot of things (including just having a laugh with a bunch of fellow MAVers)! :wink:

And then there are those who start to feel better, return to the forum occassionally to see how everyone is doing, but because they are superstitious will not post that they are in fact doing pretty well for fear that within a week or so they will be ill again and regret writing an “I’m much better” post.

I will be sticking around because - even though I’m feeling like crap - this forum has saved my life on a number of occasions. And as Kelley says, I want to ‘pay it forward’…


Amen, Kritlyn… LOL. Don’t dare put my story in the Success section for that exact reason. Still have those migraine/MAV nosedives even with an amazing 6-month turnaround.

I haven’t posted much lately. I wish it was because I’m feeling better. Truth is, I’m tired of feeling like this and not getting anywhere. I don’t know what my problem is, each doctor I see tells me something different, I have problems with all the meds I take, I’m eating a diet for migraine, MAV, food intolerances as well as keeping it low fat and low cholesterol. I want to know what is wrong with me so that I can eat somewhat normal again, but I’m afraid to bring anything back into my diet for fear it will give me vertigo. I’ve spent so much on doctor appts that have gotten me nowhere. I don’t know where to turn.

I’m really down with this disease and with the way I feel day after day and not knowing what is wrong with me and having to give up so many things that I once enjoyed. Posting here or any other board really doesn’t help me any. It just makes me feel worse because no one seems to have the same symptoms as I do.

Plus my job is keeping me very busy, I have little free time. At least I am still able to work, that is one thing I am very grateful for.

So that’s why I’m not here much, wish I had better news to share. :?

I still feel like horse$#!+ but I still get on with my life. I have good days and I have bad days. I had one of those “BPPV” nights a few days ago. Then the next night I’m okay. Still “rocking” but that’s better than the vertigo every time I move my head. Then I get a pulsating headache every other day it seems like which lasts no more than five to ten minutes. Seems like a constant migraine on and off. Maybe I should stop stressing all the time :?

I hope to never be the few that leaves after I’m feeling better. I hope that when I get my MAV under control, I will be able to help and educate others about this disabling condition.

So far, the Zoloft is taking my libido away…which pisses me off a little bit. I start Propanolol in a week…wish me luck.

I did read that periactin can be used to help offset the sexual side effects of SSRI’s…I think even as an “as needed” med…a few hours before anticipating sex.