Is it MAV?


Who can help me figure out something? I earlier saw links leading to MAV (Migraine-assisted Vertigo) and BBPV.

A few days ago, I went to an ENT. He told me it is unknown that I might have Menieres. My own ENT put it on a memo when I had the CT-scan: “Menieres?” - When I got the result, he told me nothing concerning is wrong with my brain (I guess to he looked for tumors or so).

I feel like there might be a mixup between Menieres and MAV in my case. Whom of you has MAV and can help me finding the differences?

To be sure:

  • Last year, results accorded I can hear for 97 percent, which may be fine (so almost no hearing loss);
  • I’m having big headaches, feeling like some elephants are dancing in my head;
  • I feel like a stoner most of the day;
  • I’m having issues with sleeping. Sometimes I stay insomnia for hours.
  • When having vertigo, I have the feeling I see things in 2D-perspective. After that, I’m getting dizzy as hell and need to lay down for a couple of hours.
  • Sometimes I can’t lay down. I will feel very warm and faint for a few seconds. When getting awake from fainting, I can’t tell what happened.
  • My speech is slurred after attacks.

I’ve never been to a neurologist, but I am on Betahistine and Cinnarizine avoiding vertigo. Could anyone of you give a better perspective on the differences between MAV and Menieres? I am willing to put this perspective on to my ENT, whom I will see again in August. Could it be MAV?

HI Dennis,

I am sure other will give advice too. It is my understanding that with Meniere’s, you would have hearing loss. Often, Meniere’s is episodic–although the episodes can last months. (Not typical but does happen. I have a friend with it and he just finished a multi-month episode). My friend has lost 40% of the hearing in one of his ears. The symptoms you mentioned could probably fall under each ailment. Does sound like MAV though.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Thank you swirlgirl. In August I will definitely know what’s happening (I hope…)