Is Shimmering vision a symptom of MAV? Confused!

To all Mavers out there

Do any of you face problems with looking at stripes, checked shirts, wierd patterns on rugs, objects at a distance? I know some get more dizzy when they look at them. In my case they shimmer 24/7 which makes me believe that everything I look at shimmers 24/7 but obviously I only notice the shimmering with the these shapes and patterns.

Moreover, the edges of large items come out in my vision and words and sentences on the computer screens, books, sign boards bounce up and down. I have got my eyes checked by an optometrist and it was clear.

From the board I notice very few people who have complained about this so i am very confused. Can I get some sort of confirmation from everyone that that above are all symptoms of MAV? Sometimes I wonder that it may be something else so I can go and get more tests done if it really is something else.


Nabeel, I too have trouble with stripes, patterns etc., no question at all about that. On bad days they are my worst nightmare but on good days I tolerate them a lot better now. I’ve had to move seats in meetings because someone sitting in front has had a check shirt on. Or in people’s houses where the carpets or wallparer are too lairy I’ve had to find a relatively plain background somewhere to fix my gaze on - or else not stay too long. And shopping this season with all the geometric patterns that are fashionable has been substantially more difficult than usual.

I too have been cleared by the optometrist of anything untoward going on with my eyes but he continues to be baffled by the immense variability in my visual acuity. It can change drastically from one appointment to another, even day to day. I think you can be reassured your symptoms are all to do with MAV. It is easy to imagine all sorts of things though. We’ve all done it.


I don’t get this as much now, but I did when I was younger and didn’t know I was a migraineur. This is a very common migraine symptom. I had a favorite book when I was a child, and one of the things I liked best about it was the fact that the big red letters of the title of the book would shimmer. But the title didn’t shimmer for anybody else - just for me.

Ditto. I stopped going to church for a while because the patterned carpet was doing me in! Then I tried a community group from church instead. Figured that would be a happy medium, someone’s home, how bad could that be? I ended up sitting in what I would describe as a “Waverly” decorated home: a patterned throw rug, paisley chairs, a vertical striped chair, horizontal blinds, and tall vertical trees out the window behind the blind. All visible from where I sat on the sofa. I had been having a good day until that point. Wow! My head was spinning!! I’ve also found at work that it can be difficult just having a conversation with a person who’s sitting in their office with a wall of closed horizontal blinds behind them. Even my boss’s checkered shirt was a bit difficult to take when conversing with him recently. Who knew our eyes/brains could have this much trouble processing patterns? :shock:

Meant to say… I’m more likely to get the shimmering/weird eye issues if there are flourescent lights involved.