Is the B-2 helping? Maybe

Hi all–I’ve been taking 400 mg B-2 (riboflavin) for more than 3 months now and I have to say I am doing a lot better with the dizziness, although I don’t know whether the riboflavin is the reason or not.

The plan back in July was to try the B-2 for a couple weeks and then start Nortriptyline, but the starter pack is still sitting in my drawer. I am feeling less dizzy overall, and the episodes I’d get of feeling woozy and strange have really dissipated. No repeat of that very dizzy (unusual) morning back in July that made me miss work and spurred me to approach my doctor about migraine treatment.

Other possibilities for my improvement: the good ol’ placebo effect (you never know!), hormone stabilization/dropoff (every year I get older! am now 54 and 7 years post-menopausal), perhaps fewer barometric-pressure fluctuations (but I don’t monitor these), perhaps fewer sleep disruptions, perhaps excitement over, and attention to, a big family/editorial project I’m working on that I’ve become obsessed with (though I started that project last spring, and it was over the summer that I had more presumed migraine trouble).

Anyway, that’s my update! I continue taking the B-2; why not? It has no side effects, no Rx needed, and MAYBE it’s been the reason I’ve been doing better.