Is this a clue?

When I lie flat (i.e. going to bed at night, etc)…the spasm/seizure in my left inner ear always gets worse (more prominent) and I ALWAYS feel worse.

I do not see any connection with lying flat and closing my eyes and MAV…so it just does not jive with me as to why that would happen.

After I get up and get going…things get better.

Thoughts on this? Does it suggest anything to you guys? (Besides me being a freak of nature :shock: )


Could you describe the spasm/seizure in your ear?

How long after you lie down until it starts (or worsens)?

How long does it last?

Do you get any spinning, eye movements, or BPPV associated with it?

When you say “always feel worse” when you lie down, worse in what way? Just the spasm, or other things too?

I am sure I don’t have your answer, but I am just curious.


I cannot remember the reasoning behind it, but one of the many docs I saw said something about
lying flat is when the fluid and such builds up in the ear.

Maybe somene could help me out and add to this…


Same thing happens to me…sometimes I can hardly fall asleep because the “clicking” drives me nuts. It is almost like I can feel the moisture building up. It first began in my left ear, but now, when I wake up in the morning BOTH ears are “full”, I can hardly hear. Once I get into the shower, things start to open up. The pulsatile tinnitus is still very prominent in my left ear. Thank God it is not in both…I think I would jump from my office window - don’t worry, it is on the ground level.

If I massage the side of my neck from the bottom of my jaw to the up behind me ear, I can usually get that “clicking” to calm down, or sometimes even stop. Another thing I have been doing is plugging my nose and then blowing until I can get my left ear to open up. Be careful not to blow too hard though…this maneuver alone can cause dizziness. I had a therapist show me how to do it…trust me, I was really scared the first time I did it, but found SO much relief after doing so and have been able to sleep better.

Also, taking an antihistamine at bedtime (Zyrtek D) helps on really bad nights.
And, sometimes I sleep almost sitting up…as one who suffers with GERD would…

And…that is what I think about that…

Trust me when I say, I know what you are going through with regard to your ears - the subtle, continuous noise and low-grade pain can be overwhelming.
See you,

Spasm or Seizure is the best description I can come up with. I know it is a poor description of it…but when I am at my worst, my left inner ear has a non-rhythmic pulsating that feels like a “mini-seizure” is going on in there.

When this flares up…all bets are off. I feel like shit and MAV symptoms are ALL ramped up.

When that left ear is quiet, I don’t feel half bad (not normal) but life is a whole hell of a lot better! :smiley:

The million dollar question…how to stop that mini-seizure / spasm from happening?

And…is that spasm a product of MAV. It certainly makes sense that it is…like a “mini-migraine” is going off in my ear!!!

And when that left ear is doing it’s thing…lips become numb, lights are brighter and noises are all ramped up.

Sign me…Fu###### Tired of this in Spokane. :lol:

My ‘disequilibrium’ gets worse each night lying flat in bed. I close my eyes and then feel like I’m on a lilo or I’m moving around. It’s nowhere near as bad as the ‘rocking’ that used to backflip me out of bed would be, but some nights (like last night) it ramps up and the only thing I can do is take V to get my brain to calm down and be able to fall asleep.

Otherwise, my left ear still gives me varying amounts of shit (like today!) but overall it has improved massively with the meds. I just wish falling asleep was as nice as it used to be :?

I can’t relate to the spasm in the ear, but I can most definately relate o you last line. I feel exactly the same way and I just want to shout those words as loud as I can.

Anyway, someone here sent me this article and I just happen to be reading a section about migrainers getting like a blood vessel spasm in there ears and I immediately thought of your post. I am not sure if mine is an actual spasm, but I feel a lot of pain and pressure in my ear and now I kind of understand how it’s migraine related and it has to do with the blood vessel. But take a look at this article by Dr Hain. I think it’s like half way down. Let me know if you think that’s what it is.


I just looked at it again and this is the line to look for. It’s under, “what causes vertigo in MAV?”

It sounds like what is happening with your ear.


I cannot lie on my right or left side else I wake up with my heart in my throat and feel freaked out. I’ve had this positional vertigo/ anxiety reaction going on from the very day this struck in 2003. In those days I couldn’t even lie face up! :shock:

Thank you for pointing me to that particuar section of the website.

I have read that site a hundred times…but in my haste to get through it, I guess I never honed in on that specific section!

That’s it…that is what I feel when I am symptomatic! I am not fu##### crazy after all!!! Can I get an amen from the Congregation :mrgreen:

vascular – patients with migraine sometimes experience spasm of blood vessels, including occasional strokes. Blood vessel spasm in the ear or brainstem may cause vertigo

I hardly ever hear of anyone else dealing with the non-rhythmic, spasm / seizure / pulsating…but that is EXACTLY what I feel when things are ramped up!!!

Million dollar question…how to stop that shit dead in it’s tracks???

I have thought about an ice-pick or a sledge-hammer…but the long term effects of those might out-weigh what I am currently going through 8)

Kelley (Rocky’s Mom) has been one of my mentors / educators throughout my ordeal. (not too mention an overall good friend and nice person :smiley: )

She is convinced that I have a Metabolism issue with me…as I seem to be the Kryptonite to ALL medications.

I can jack them up and feel absolutely nothing…GOOD or BAD !!! :shock:



I’m glad I was able to help a fellow MAVer out. Now, if only we could figure out how to get rid of this bulls***! I am sorry that none of the meds have helped. I only just started my second trial and am down on my knees, praying that it’s going to be the magic pill. Yeah right!!!

I just wish a pill would do something to me (one way or another) !!!

I up my meds and feel NOTHING…like they are giving me a placebo!!!

After I win tonights $650 million Mega Million Jackpot (here in the U.S.)…I will donate back some $$$ to MAV research to help our fellow comrades out.

The other money…well…I will be heading to Hawaii to live life the way it was meant to be lived!!! :smiley:

My 47 bedroom condo will have open access to all of you guys here…just call and let me know you are coming so I can have the butler clean up your quarters before you arrive. :mrgreen:


for someone who suffers so much with this cr*p, your posts often have me smiling and laughing, so thank you for that. What a great vision - one huge MAV mansion in Hawaii - awesome!! :lol:
Keep on keeping on Todd, and good luck with that lottery!! :wink: