Is this MAV or something else?

So, wow where do I begin. I really need advice. Today and yesterday have been really odd and I’m not sure what is going on. I am on 75mg amitriptyline but recently I’ve been feeling dossier like usual. BUT, yesterday an today I am having rotational vertigo and I feel like I’m being pulled in multiple directions. To the point where I feel like it’s actually hard to balance. What is going on??? Is it a brain thing or does this sound more like ear? I’m very concerned because I actually FEEL the movement rather than just kinda feeling it in my head. And it’s been going on all day? I’m scared.


It sounds like you should go back to the specialist you see (i.e whoever diagnosed MAV) for further advice on diagnosis or medication, if it seems you are getting worse.

I had rotational vertigo a few months back, and couldn’t walk some days, without holding on to somebody’s arm.

Some people with MAV apparently have it really bad and can’t get out of bed for months, with extreme rotational vertigo. Check out youtube - you can see some people discussing their symptoms.

But of course none of us on the group can make a diagnosis - so if you feel the medication is not working or you are getting worse, I would suggest going to see the specialist again to ensure you are on the right track.

However, I would say that MAV can cause all of these symptoms, and more. Have you had all the ENT tests (caloric testing, etc see Vestibular Migraine - Vestibular Disorders Association )? from those they can normally diagnose if there is something wrong with one or both ears - although it’s a clinical diagnosis (i.e. they can’t “see” the problem, they have to infer the cause from test results and symptoms).

hope this helps?

Hello @gidlabu. Yes this information does help, thank you. The only “tests” I have really done are hearing test as well as an MRI as well as blood test. They said I had great hearing with no deficiencis and the MRI was clear including my ear canals. I do have an appointment with my neurologist in a few weeks, however I wish I could see him sooner. Also, I’m kinda scared to do any of the caloric tests. They sound extremely uncomfortable and it freaks me out. Lastly, how do people cope with rotational vertigo? It was pretty unmanageable all day however today I am feeling a little better. God this is so scary. I just want to get better .

Can you see a specialist neuro-otologist?

@ gidlabu I do have a neuro-otonologist that I have seen previously and I also have a neurologist that I have seen twice