Is this Vestibular Migraine?

Hello all and thank you in advance for helping me out! I am a 27 y/o with some craaazy symptoms that no one seems to understand or even believe at times.

Over the past 4 months I have experienced the following:
*Rocking/ on a boat dizziness (almost constant, though I do get some good days)
*Facial pressure in cheeks and right temple
*Ear pain/pressure
*Whooshing sound in ears/head when I have my head a certain way
*Numbness in face
*Light sensitivity
*Anxiety (heart palpitations, panic attack)
*Eye floaters and a shadow that travels across the corner of my right eye

I have been sent around from one doctor to the next:
*General doctors + urgent care
*ER 2x

I have had bloodwork, EKG, VNG, hearing tests, Brain/ear MRI w and w/o contrast. All results have come back NORMAL. My neurologist still thinks I am having some sort of ear problem, where as the ENT is convinced that I have vestibular migraine and even prescribed Pamelor (which I haven’t started taking yet). I am looking for your input as migraineurs as to whether this sounds similar to your experience. My thing is that my dizziness is daily and I don’t really notice clear “episodes” of dizziness. What symptoms were you having? How did you know you had vestibular migraine and not something else?