Is this vestibular migrane (MAV) ? help

i am a male 5,8 age 23 180 lbs/
well it all started 4 years back when i was driving and suddenly felt dizziness and everything started moving. after that i stayed in bed was not able to get up due to dizziness and was diagnosed that i had anxiety/depression. had a MRI test 4 years back and it was fine. now the problem is that since few months i have started having balance problems. when i walk i feel walking on marshmallow and everything just moves. i cant even stand and have a feeling of falling all the time. it has ruined my life. below are the symptoms. can anyone please help me that what it might be.

1.I have vertigo and dizziness all the time.
2.My body is totally out of balance and I feel like walking on a moving boat. I can’t even stand properly. Everything is just spinning around me. I feel like I am going to fall. This is the same type of sensation that happen when a person quickly steps off a merry-go-round or when he twirls himself and then quickly stops.
3.sometimes condition worsens when there’s some change in the head position specially when standing up from a lying position.
4.I can’t focus on something. I have these jerky eyes and everything seems to move up/down or left/right. everything just moves.
5.Irregular heartbeat. ( my heartbeat usually fasten up when focusing on something )
6.I can’t concentrate on something. my mind is totally confused and continuous state of derealisation. feel like i am in a dream
7.My hands are shaking when writing or holding something.
8.I have blurred vision. I feel like a pendulum running in my brain
9.I have fullness of ears and loss of hearing too. it seems that my ears are blocked and feel like popping them all the time. sometimes one of them blocks and i have to pop it.
10.Due to extreme balance disorder I mostly have slurred speech.
11.Sensitivity to noise and light.
12.Reduced sense of smell and taste.
14.sometimes lying on the head i hear TEEEE like sound in my ears.

Pls someone help. i am just fed of going to the doctors. some said it was anxiety/depression while some said it was bppv or mineres disease. what do these symtoms show. i have had many antipdepressants and anxiety medicines as well as stugeron,serc,steamatil but nothing works. i just want my life back. i am not able to do anything :frowning:


Hi Mannerism,

I read your post and I could sense desparation and anxiety from you. I think that you should still explore the medical system for a diagnoses. Have you seen a Neuro-otologist? This is an ENT doctor
who has 2-3 years of extra training learning about the balance system. Maybe track one down and ask for a bunch of inner-ear tests…please research inner ear testing and make yourself familiar with names and purposes of these tests. Another test you should ask for is: Tilt Table test; this test involves you laying on a table, and your hooked up to heart monitors. The table moves in different positions while your heart rate and blood pressure is monitored…This test will show if there is an issue with your heart and possible causes.

In the meantime, try and stay strong and positive; you will get the answers if u keep digging.

I hope this helps you. Another website u can visit is: labyrinthitis UK - just google search it.

Take care,


Your symptoms sound very similar to the people here. MAV is possible, especially if you have a history of migraine.

Hi Mannerism,

Yes, your symptoms certainly sound very familiar, ie MAV could be what is wrong with you. Having said that, no-one can diagnose you over the internet. I know you are fed up with doctors, it can be very difficult to get a diagnosis with these sorts of symptoms. They don’t really show up on tests like MRIs and are a diagnosis of exclusion. In addition, the symptoms overlap/are similar to conditions like Meniere’s, BPPV, Labrynthitis and so on.

Try not to be discouraged that certain medications have not yet worked for you. It can take a long time to find the right fix. In addition, you could try the migraine diet and the lifestyle modifications. Many people find a lot of relief just doing those things. You can read about those here: viewforum.php?f=19

Ideally you should see a neurotologist or a neurologist who is familiar with migraine, including vertigo as a symptom. I’m not sure what part of the world you are in but there are a number of specialists discussed here: viewforum.php?f=32

Hang in there!

we don’t have any neuro-otologist in our country. nor am i too rich to travel to some other country for my cure. i literally cry all day long. plz help me with some medicines. y0u people are experienced enough to help me. i,ve been to over 50 of docs (ENT,s and Neurologists) since the last 4 years. most said it was anxiety but i know its not. its the balance issue which starts and than i go into panic mode… plz help :frowning:
maybe you can help and we can try with some medicines. plz i want my life back.
crying :frowning:

What medicines have you tried so far? Please list them - and what country are you in?

Also, are you able to see your GP and ask him/her to prescribe a Benzo to help with the really bad days (i.e. Valium or Clonazepam). You need help get your emotions under control as well as this beast takes no prisoners.

Let’s start back at the beginning and see if we can get you some help. Also you need to have a supportive GP and maybe print of some of the literature here to show them the condition.

Are you eliminating food triggers?:

Chinese food and all foods containing MSG

Take care and stay strong.

Ugh!!! I so feel your pain! I was exactly where you are now, 4 years ago. I have since been put on 3 daily Migraine preventatives and I still have symptoms. Can you get the book “Heal Your Headache” by Dr. David Buccholz where you live? Although “headache” is part of the title, it does not mean that you don’t have migraine just because you don’t get headaches. I RARELY get headaches as part of my long list of symptoms. Maybe you could try to order the book if you can’t locate it in your town. The book is written by a top Docotor in the US for treating Migraines. I cried when I read his symptoms list in the book. I had so many wierd and bizarre sensations and feelings and was so very relieved to see that they all equaled Migraine! Anyway, Hang in there the best you can, which I know can be so very hard.


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Also, in addition to the above food triggers, for me is Flourescent lighting. I MUST wear a visor in any public place as they all have this kind of lighting. Also, Keep a very regular sleep pattern, as migraine likes routine and dislikes disrution to routine :mrgreen: I react strongly to barrometric changes big time. Not much to do about that but try to keep other triggers low.


after going to more than 50 doctors in 4 years i have come to a conclusion that what they do is hit and trial method. so after searching through the forums i have started taking topamax 25mg today.

i,ll reply to the rest of the questions above in couple of hours.

@muppo. i take around 200-300mg caffeine daily. other than that no chocolates, alcohol or the stuff you have mentioned.
@pamg yes i,ll try my best to get this book :slight_smile: and thanks for the advice.

second dosage of topamax today :slight_smile:

Caffeine is one of the top triggers for sure…if you can stop that at once that would be great, if not slowly withdraw from it. You see, triggers are also stress, which I am sure you are under with this MAV, so right there is a constant trigger for you…so then you add in any of the other triggers and before you now it you are having MAV symptoms.
I so hope you can find the book…let me know if you can’t


— Begin quote from “mannerism”

@muppo. i take around 200-300mg caffeine daily. other than that no chocolates, alcohol or the stuff you have mentioned.

— End quote

Hi Mannerism – please see the article I posted on intractable migraine. Have you ever considered that your use of caffeine is the main reason you are so symptomatic? Caffeine is a MAJOR migraine trigger and may cause rebound.

Best … Scott 8)

^^^ i,ll try cutting it slowly. yesterday i didnt take it and hell of a day. alot of pain the the eyes and head.

i have a question guys. when i get up from a lying position i get a vertigo attack for a few seconds. how to determine that is it because of blood pressure or bppv?