Is trying Botox instead of more meds the way to go? or dumb?

so im thinking of getting botox by a nero instead of doing more meds and i figure if that doesnt work im stuck with meds. ive done inderal and sandromigraine and both seem to make thing worse with the vertigo. Im super needle phobic but will valium up and see if i can sit through it. its going to cost $800 will is a big stretch for me. i just cant get any worse than i am so im reluctant to do more drugs. If i cant drive etc my son wont get to school ( hes already missed a fair bit b/cause of me)or eat etc so i have to function theres no one to pick up any slack ( even the hospital is 1.5 hours away). im worried that i could have a reaction to botox to though, then i really be kicking myself. but i prefer to do that than load up on drug after drug ( i dont know how you guys keep doing it) Any thoughts…

Hi there - I am thinking of doing the same thing!! I probably am going to have to make a decision about starting up a 2nd med and was thinking that before doing so I might as well try botox. I know what you mean about not wanting to make things worse of course and I suppose there is always that chance but the worst things I have heard (from non-maver’s) about botox side effects is a slight headache…
Does your neuro have experience with using it for migraine and MAV?? There was someone on here who had detailed info about where to inject etc. and it really worked for her.

Keep me posted on what you decide.


I have been receiving Botox injections for 18 months. I had my last set of injections this past Friday. I imagine that the pattern of injections differs for everyone, but I tend to get them 1) right in the front of my forehead, 2)in my temples (both sides), 3)on the sides of my head and 4)in the muscles in the back of my head. My neurologist has a LOT of experience giving the injections and they do not hurt that much, except in the front of my forehead. But it is not unusual for me to have a migraine when I am getting the injections. I am lucky that ice tends to help so I often leave his office with ice packs on my head.

I also am on both preventatives (Propanolol, Effexor, Topomax,Klonopin) & abortives as needed (Norco, Arthrotec, Immitex, Migranol & Indomethacin). I don’t take all of the abortives everyday of course. I am on a rotation.


thanks for input. I see the a neuro on friday about this he isnt a vertigo specialist but will refer me to a clinic in the hospital that does this, so alli ill update you, ill probably go for it at this stage, even though the other dr says i have more drugs i can try this & that ,then keep doubling it till it works- i think thats easier said than done, im also going to add in some oxygen at some stage
claudia i dont know how you do it …all the meds your tougher than me. i cant take abortives that are vasco constrictors so immitrex, naramig are out. are any others u mentioned in that catergory? (if you know)

For what it’s worth, there’s a sign in my dermatologist’s office, in Maryland just outside DC, soliciting depressed people for a double-blind study (they’re not going to stick that in MY eyes) to check botox’s effectiveness for that off-label use. It apparently looked good in a pilot study (pilots have to look confident, doncha know). Their theory, as I recall, is that if you’re not wrinkling your face and frowning, you’re likely to fell less like wrinkling and frowning. Propter hoc, ergo post hoc. or something along those lines. Warning: I don’t speak Latin.

I have been lucky that I have been able to tolerate the side effects of the meds pretty well. The only thing that really bothered me were the cognitive effects from being on 200 mg of Topomax. It really bothered me to be in a meeting and know what I wanted to say, but not be able to get the word out of my mouth…so I decreased Topo to 100 mg and I am doing much better. I am not sure if some of my meds are vasoconstrictors: maybe Propanolol?

Good luck!
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