Is Verapamil, or other BP med, your sole med?

Wondering here if I just cannot get along with tricyclics, SSRI, SNRI meds and should just forget them and keep only Verapamil. That is, if Zoloft doesn’t help me out here.

I think I need to be more stringent about the diet/lifestyle as well. As it is, I am a fairly boring person. But I can get more boring if it means these flare ups with stop! :lol:

Why did you end up stopping the effexor? was it helping your vertigo or your headaches? I hope the zoloft ends up helping you!

Initially I switched from Paxil to Effexor because I got a really bad series of migraines. Dizzy and pain.

Effexor stopped the headaches right away, however the disequilibrium never completely went away again, and ear troubles kept getting worse (tinnitus, plugged up). Then, I started on a slow but sure downslope that looked like a relapse was coming including Migraines, all symptoms ramped up.

So I have reduced the Effexor now, to 37.5 XR at night and yesterday started Zoloft at 25 mg in the AM. Am back to work today. Hoping the rest of the Effexor withdrawals are easier on me.

That’s why I say, if Zoloft does me no good I may just try staying on Verapamil alone. And my benzos - I don’t use enough to cause concern according to my shrink :stuck_out_tongue: