Isla's Success Story

I’ve always considered this to be a MAV story (despite it being labelled as “labs”)

Anyway, she seems to have recovered from her dizziness & vertigo condition but it took her over 3 years.

Her story is worth reading, if you have not already done so. A lot should resonate:


Hey James I know this is old but o wanted to share I have spoken to Isla personally via Facebook she found me on a group when this started and she’s been so nice to me and had all my symptoms she’s been fine for years now she does get migraines still and although never diagnosed with mav it does sound like it but thought you’d want to know she’s been dizzy free for almost 17 years now :slight_smile: she always talks to me and reassured me il recover with or without meds hope this is useful


Oh that’s a fantastic update … let me move your post to the closed thread on the Positivity category! Thanks Amy!

edit: DONE!

Your very welcome Isla is one of the best success stories ever :slight_smile: happy to help

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