It just went dark ... then cream? ... (update: mostly resolved)

Hey guys, a recent upgrade to the site seems to have had an unpredictable effect on the themes, and presently my view has now defaulted to MV Vincent theme (which is nice, but not intended).


I’m investigating …

I kind of liked it black, now its yellow…

Yeah, that’s because it seems Cream Theme is now the default … very odd …

Update: site rebuilt … things are slightly better … but Themes are still bugged, Hamburger menu Theme switching doesn’t work and suspect this is an engine code issue which will need to be fixed which might take some time …

In meantime if you hate the current Theme you are on, you can still change it in your user preferences in Preferences/Interface - that still seems to work thank goodness!

Update Hamburger selector is now working.

There’s still a minor issue, but doesn’t affect users, only admin.

@ander454 Erik, if you prefer the darker theme (“MV Vincent”), you can select it, either from the top-right ‘hamburger’ menu or from within you Preferences under Interface. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, James. I’ve come to rely on extra creamy being easy on the eyes.

Sorry this has been such a nuisance for you.

No problem at all Emily. Seems someone introduced a change and a bug. Will just need a minor bit of TLC and we should be good again.

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