It would be great if everyone posted!

Hi everyone

I’m not sure if this exists on this forum (if it does I obviously didn’t do a very thorough job searching) BUT I was thinking that everyone could post what WORKED and what DIDNT WORK in their search for vertigo/dyequilibrium relief. If we could compile one long list maybe some patterns would emerge. Besides that, I think it would just be a valuble asset considering many of us have clueless doctors and must act as our own health advocates.


symptoms: chronic incapacitating dysequilibrium

nothing as of yet

tai chi
physical therapy

yes… my list is kind of depressing but i would love to know what meds OR alternative treatments did or did not work for people! ok thanks.

I think its a great idea. I wonder whether Adam could help set something up on this site so that we can compile the data?

I second that, I think thats a good idea. If nothing else, just keep it under this topic, and everyone could list it just like “Dizzyup”.

At least it would all be in one spot, and alot easier then trying to read through the hundreds of posts on this sight.

I’ll bite:

What worked for me:

Topomax - had to stop do to side effects
Nuerontin - had to stop do to side effects
Depakote - side effects much more tolerable

Valium, and Xanax for dizzyspells

magnesium diet suplement

controlled sleep cycle
lots of rest
meditation/relaxation therapy

What didn’t work:

Treating my symptoms as if I had meniere’s desease.

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I have a combination of peripheral vestibular disorder plus MAV:


(Lamictal + Keppra is better than either alone)
Intratympanic steroids
High dose fish oil
Ativan on really bad days

Not helpful:

Topamax due to side effects
Verapamil (increased tinnitus)
Flunarizine and cinnarizine (drowsiness, increased tinnitus)
Meniett device
Gingko Biloba
Acetazolamide (drowsiness)
Low-level laser treatment for inner ear
VR exercises

Like everybody, I think I have found more things to be unhelpful than helpful, and found alot of medications to have intolerable side effects.

I agree we need to do something in regards to posting what is helpful and not helpful. I’ll start a poll and add the treatments (medications or otherwise) … we can add more as we go, as there will no doubt be some missing from my initial list.


How high of a fish oil dose?

Not sure where this went to but would direct users to results in the User Polls Category.

There are quite a lot of statistics there.

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