Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone else gets an itchy scalp at all? I’m reading the HYH book at the moment and have just read a case study about a lady who had constant burning and itching of her scalp and it turned out to be migraine. I’ve had an itchy and hot scalp for the past 3/4 years, long before all things vestibular came into my life. Interestingly, I had no itchiness whilst I was taking Betahistine but since stopping that, and also alongside feeling pretty ropey the past month, the itchiness has returned with a vengeance. Does anyone else suffer with this? Any recommendations for relief? It really is driving me mad. Having vestibular rehab tomorrow so was going to mention it then but don’t want to sound daft if this isn’t really a thing! Thanks xx

You’re not daft! I get the itchy scalp too. Mine isn’t as bad I’m sure, but it’s a frequent thing. It really common for me in the weeks before and after Botox. My only advice is to keep your fingernails cut so you don’t have to add bleeding into your hair to the list of bizarre symptoms.

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Betshistine is a histamine. Emily’s the chemist here. Maybe there’s a connection. Don’t ask me. I sleepwalked through chemistry at school and drop the subject at first opportunity.

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Ensure that your nails are clean, cut them short.

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A relief to know I’m not the only one! I work with SEN children in a primary school so I’ve had my husband checking my hair for nits on many an occasion because the itching has been so bad - and to be fair, it is a real risk in my job!! Saw my rehab specialist today and she’s keen to up my meds so may be that’ll have an impact on the itchiness. I don’t scratch all that much but it’s so so irritating!

@Diphthong is such a cool handle! I was making fun of myself when I’m in aura the other day and said I sounded like a drunk spouting diphthongs. Absolutely no one understood me. Ironic given I was speaking normally about the times when I can’t. No one understands me either way.

Let me qualify - when my kid was in elementary school he brought home mites. Which are invisible. No one believed us, including the infectious disease specialist who thought we were experiencing mass delusions. I pointed out I may be crazy but that didn’t explain why my cats were itchy. It took removing all our soft surfaces, repeatedly bug bombing the house, putting revolution on all the pets and an intense hygiene regimen for weeks to kill the infestation.

Kids are a joy!!! Can confirm there are no nits, visible or invisible, in my hair - thankfully!! That does sound pretty horrific however, definitely feel your pain on that one.

It was very expensive. We ripped out all carpet and replaced it with laminate, steam cleaned all the furniture, washed everything daily until it fell apart, bug bombed repeatedly, cleaned again and again for about two months. Awful. We were disinvited to both Thanksgiving and Christmas that year. Actually, that part was alright.

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