IV Celexa / end of week 1

This Summer the MAV became too much to handle - after 2.5 years of suffering, my depression and anxiety reached a peak and I am now an inpatient at a mental health facility.

After 11 days of low-dose Paxil, the docs decided in favor of an aggressive strategy and put me on IV citalopram (celexa), with fast titration - two days at 10mg, the last four days at 20mg. Compared to when I was admitted, suicidality has gone down and panic attacks are not as frequent or prolonged anymore, but my dizziness and balance have not improved. Up until a few months ago I could at least go for a 1hr walk in the morning, now it is a problem to go downstairs. Sometimes it seems to be getting worse.

I was starting to be optimistic because of the early effects on mood, but the side effects seem to be kicking in full force, especially insomnia. Last night I had 4 hours of sleep and this made things so much worse. I am so demoralized. I have the option to ask for very low dose delorazepam at bedtime, I try to avoid it but I might change my mind if I am unable to sleep again tonight. I take my Celexa in the morning and I am also on 25mg pregabalin at dinner.

I know side effects are probably going to go away, and inpatient treatment has the advantage of adjustments being possible on a daily basis - the docs also mentioned perphenazine as an option for management of short-run increased anxiety and sleeplessness, let’s see what they decide on Monday. Still, this is very rough and I was expecting, after 17 days total of SSRIs, to be over the worst of it. I was also taken off the agomelatine that I had been taking for about 1 year and, while this may help with anxiety, it certainly did not help with sleep.

I will have to stick with the Celexa for now, until the docs decide otherwise. I am supposed to have a dose bump to 30mg next week, but they may delay it if my SEs get too bad. I really hope this was just a disastrous day and I hope to see some improvement in my balance in a week or so.

Ah, the HRT (drospirenone) did not work, just worsened my depression.


Hey @Gattodipiombo so sorry you are having such a rough time and I wish you the best of luck getting through this!

I relate to the suicidal feelings and medication did help stabilise me so I was able to function again and find hope once more.

Btw I think this reads more like a personal journey so highly recommend you start a Personal Diaries :open_book: topic and post updates there.

In any case, for now take care and I hope you get to enjoy things again soon.


I don’t have anything helpful to add but just want to say I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time of it and send good wishes your way.

It’s such a dark road and it can feel very hopeless at times, this world is tough enough without it being topsy turvy.

Hopefully the facility gives you the help you need to see you through this difficult time :heart:


Good luck. It can get better. I wonder about the effects of all these medicines on making the vertigo worse. .5mg/clonopin day is prescribed for vertigo which could help the mental side as well. Though, primary obviously is mental health.

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