I've got another way of looking at this

I think MAV is when the normal process of getting older has an abrupt jump. In normal aging your brain adapts continuously to the ever so slow decline in the acuity of your senses. I think MAV is when your vestibular system suffers a significant dent (possibly by injury like in my case) and the brain struggles to compensate, instead deciding to freak out, as in enter migraine state.

If you look at the symptoms of MAV they are basically all those that older people complain about but conquer and get over.

Dealing with a big dent in the vestibular system is no easy task but can be done with meds, patience and time which brings compensation. Some of us appear to have to do this several times before things stabilise.

So lets look at our situation as somewhat of an unwelcome but natural one which has a fairly natural way of getting over it.

I hope younger members of the board aren’t upset by this theory.

Ive also noticed another strange symptom ive got now which never had before …allergy to scents …I seem to now be hyper sensitive to body sprays etc and scents - to the point where it is uncomfortable to be near them…all my senses are hightened for some unknown reason …whether its a brain reaction to something that has happend to me I am unsure…

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James, as an older person, this makes sense to me. I think I have mentioned a couple of times that I have written off some of the symptoms mentioned here as ‘getting older’.

I might be sticking my neck out here, but it does’nt surprise me that the auditory and visual systems can take a knock earlier these days, especially in more sensitive people. Consider the advances in technology just in the past 30 years. There are many more vehicles on the roads (more noise), Offices and shops have artificial lighting and air conditioners - screens are everywhere, an essential part of life, from phones and home /work computers to advertising - live music is louder due to ‘better’ amplifiers and a lot of people have music or phones plugged into their ears almost 12/7 it seems …and the list goes on . Life is just more hurried and stressful, and evolution has just not been able to keep up. Something’s gotta give!!!

If the body is battling to keep up - then eating the right kinds of foods (not necessarily a specific diet) and taking supplements would probably hasten the healing process, whilst the meds keep the beast temporarily subdued. I would think that the younger you are the better and quicker your body will rehabilitate itself.

I’m guessing that it’s heightened brain reaction. I’ve often read that our ‘brains’ are more sensitive than others and I suppose that if one sense is upset, the others will be also.

I first noticed a sensitivity to light - especially fluorescent (then a fairly new innovation:grin:) back around the time I started with Meniere’s. Having got rid of all flourescents and energy savers in our home - I have now got to limit my ‘computer’ screen time.
Over the years I have become more able to smell things that others can’t - although perfumes and such don’t bother me as such. I actually thought it was in compensation for my hearing loss, although I can also often hear sounds that others can’t - except in a crowd or when there is background noise. I also cannot hear from which direction a noise comes…annoying that!!
Time to vacate the computer screen now!:unamused: