Jobs better suited for people with MAV

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Does anyone have any advice as to what type of job would be better suited for someone with Vestibular Migraines? I am currently a Medical Assistant but I feel like I am not able to do this job because i’m constantly feeling awful and trust me is not easy working with patient’s when your feeling super dizzy and off balance. I don’t mind if its a non medical job I just want to do something that’s a little less demanding

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I’m not certain what a Medical Assistant does? Not a term I’m familiar with. Is this Home Care as in helping patients with personal care in an institution or their home environment or are we talking working in some sort of medical laboratory? All I could suggest is you make two lists, one of which lists all your triggers and the other all the environments/activities you can do without aggravating your condition and then draw your own conclusions from that. My only other comment would be have you exhausted all chance of medication/treatment options that might mean improvement which would allow you to continue on your current career path or discussed the possibilities of amending your current role to suit your somewhat reduced capabilities? I imagine it’ll be pretty difficult to secure another job once the new employer hears why you quit the previous one.

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That’s a really hard question. The job needs to be low or moderate stress, allow for breaks, not too computer heavy, interesting enough to distract you and it can be moving but without undue exertion.

@andy and @getbetter’s intense computer jobs are too demanding. The personal trainer jobs @mnek18 is too physically demanding.

I’m thinking work from home contract jobs would be best. Like medical coding or call centers. If you can set your own hours, that’s perfect because you can work when you are well.


Ill second that Emily! :crazy_face: x

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Which has turned them into major triggers I suspect and the constant re-exposure then creates an ever repeating cycle.


I’m lucky in as much as that I don’t really get triggered by my 3 monitors… :flushed: even though the 10-18 hour days in front of them along with a 90 minute gym routine for dessert followed by 5 hours sleep caused this. I do feel that exercise is a trigger and I want that back.

My advice Jose would be find medication / supplementation and a diet that works for you and keep the job you love. If you aren’t interested in your job anyway… then f*ck it off and find something else!


Yep exactly that. Don’t let The Beast that is MAV win. Not if you can help it. Fight. Helen

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Absolutely Helen. Thats the spanner in the works for me and my chronic state…to much computer exposure a repeating cycle…
Jo xx


My month long health sabbatical ends in two days. I fully expect to find the grist mill is somewhere I don’t want to be. Really bad MAV the last two days and no sleep last night. Kind of hard to miss the signals my body’s sending up. I love my work; I don’t love the price I pay for the stress of it. It seems I’ll be forced to find the middle ground, wherever that is. I have empathy for all of us that have no choice but to work or who are trying to keep pursuing careers with MAV.