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John Carey - migraine management presentation

Hi All,

James put me onto this presentation that was given back in 2007. Still very timely and well worth reading through. I finally have a name for my shower induced migraine headaches for example – called “cutaneous allodynia”.

James, you asked what the mechanism was for the creation of dizziness in the affected migraineur in another post. The answer is in this presentation.

Scott 8)

At least your condition has cute in the description.

I actually found this when I cut and paste the description on the squidoo woman’s webpage and googled it.So I guess this is where she found it.
I think you know the woman I am speaking of.I was hoping to get some elaboration or a better explanation.

I think I am going to get a dog and name it allodynia.

:lol: Funny name for a dog!

Who would have thought something good could have come from that Squidge site! Glad you found this. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing, guys. I balked when I looked at the length, but it’s so informative, it really goes quickly! :slight_smile:

A very good read. Thank you James and Scott.

I liked what it had to say about diet, how that the effects may come immediately or even days later. Just confirms to me what I already knew from personal experience but that seemed a bit unusual.

I found the yellow text on purple background a bit of a visual challenge though! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing! Very comprehensive and helpful in understanding migraine a bit more.