Joyous Hello!


It has been so long since last posting so I’m glad to see new posts and read about Scott and Emma’s visit. Yay to Scott for traveling and giving us tips.

Big summer month and did many new things very quickly and paid for it later. First time ever had three v. attacks in same week. Then two more next week.

It has to do with “overdoing”. Driving too much – but I wanted to do it and all seemed well until the next week.

Sometimes I just have vertigo for several hours —and sometimes I have milder vertigo with a really bad headache.

Also have ocular migraine difficulties now that I am much older. Just began a few years ago.


The Paxil for years – no help there— for me, anyway.

Only learned about migraine and vertigo through researching and drs never mentioned it. One ear dr said probably “atypical migraine” and someone said, “Ah, yes, – that means ‘cause unknown’!” :shock:

Hi Raven, I think we’ve all been in the place where we overdo things and then pay for it afterwards. Sometimes I think the pleasure and satisfaction is worth it and other times I woefully regret not being more sensible. Are you taking any meds now, after an unsuccessful trial with Paxil?



Thanks for answering my post. Appreciate it.
I am not taking anything else right now. Recently, someone advised me to
take Benadryl when I had vertigo and I took one pill but it did not help me at all.
I tried it several years ago, too, with no help from it.
I do not take Imitrex.
I take beta blockers which seem to help a little bit.

Hope you all are doing well.******

Raven, a while ago I read about someone’s vertigo being helped by Benadryl but it was the children’s Benadryl not the adult one. I’m not sure what the difference is, maybe just strength. I bought some. It seemed to help the first time I took it - placebo effect? - but not the second. I still have some in the cupbpoard. I might try it again now you’ve reminded me about it. I tried propanalol for a time but felt awful on it. Hope you have more success with the betablocker you’re on. It sounds as if you might.


And funnily enough quite by chance I’ve just come across this as I was reading through the Post Your Story section:

“CHILDREN’S BENEDRYL - it has been a lifesaver, the minute I start feeling like I am starting to spin I take 2 tsp of benedryl and it works great… the neurologist says that benedryl is a great anti-vestibular and does help the spinning… again, why didn’t he suggest this, I had to read about it on the internet from another vertigo sufferer!!!”


Hi Raven,

I’m in the same boat as you…if i drive way too much in one day…like a long, long drive…my head can feel very funny like i’m going to have a vertigo attack. I have learned not to over due it anymore. I take a friend with me to help with the driving…especially if i drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Over abundance of stress is also another trigger.