Just added Buspar Has it helped you?

Hi all,

I have just a week ago added Buspar to the regimine, to help control anxiety. Like everything else, I feel worse at first. First day was incredible! I am getting hot flashes now, as I had my IUD removed, and the one I had last Wednesday morning was just crazy. Now I know how people feel when the begin spontaneous combustion!! :lol:

Needed a lot more Xanax at first, it seems to have calmed down a little bit tho. I have been occasionally taking a little bit of Meclizine that seems to help, esp with my ears.

Am wondering how long it took to work for you? If it even did work. And what effects it had on your symptoms.


Hope you all are doing well.


Hi Kathleen,

Sadly, I had a completely negative experience from it after just one pill and will never, ever try it again.
I don’t want to go into details because I don’t want to affect your usage of it, but suffice to say
it really did not work out well for me at all.

Regardless, I sincerely hope you find nothing but success and good feelings from it.

Good luck!

Buspar update:

Started 11/20/13, 7.5 mg 2x a day, went for a week & then up to 15mg 2x a day. At first, I felt way more anxiety than I had been feeling. Then things calmed down. Ramped up a bit when I increased the dose of course, but now I am less dependent on Xanax for anxiety attacks than I was 3 1/2 weeks ago. Just a little bit, but then I wasn’t taking too much anyway maximum was 1.5mg a day.

I have kept some Valium, 2.5mg at night helps me sleep. And, it really helps my ears - plugged up and ringing both yay!!! Xanax down to .5mg - 1mg a day. Some mornings still wake up feeling just awful, sometimes wake up feeling fine. Had some trouble sleeping; that seems to be easing up too.

Doc says this is a subtle drug and that if I have patience it sounds like it will really help me.

So I’m hangin’ in there!!

Happy Holidays to everyone :slight_smile:

Amazing going back and looking at what I tried, what worked, what I felt, what failed… Just amazing I’d forgotten about Buspar. God I just hate antidepressants they make me feel horrible. :cry: