Just BPPV after all?


so I’ve been at another ENT today. After testing he said that my dizziness is too much BPPV-like, and that MAV couldn’t mimic it that precisely. Well, my vertigo occurs when doing special movements, like Dix-Hallpike or other maneuvers, or when lying flat on my right side. The vertigo (spinning) kicks in with a latency of about 3-5 seconds and lasts 15-20 seconds maximum. Right ear is affected. But he said that my migraines could have triggered BPPV. So…maybe just BPPV after all?
He also said that my dizziness (unsteadiness/swaying/feeling if pulled to the right) I feel in between special movements could be anxiety-related, because this BPPV-thing triggered a relapse with my panic-disorder, therefore I’m kinda “traumatized”. He said “Go after the maneuvers and we’ll see what will happen”.
Thank you for listening, I would be glad if someone posts his/her opinion.


I had ‘pure’ bppv for over a year which gradually morphed into MAV. The bppv was eventually cured by manoeuvres but the MAV mimics the positional dizziness of bppv so closely that the symptoms are still partly there even though the crystals are not. I don’t know if the bppv triggered the MAV or if both were triggered by migraine or by some other inner ear issue. The two are definitely related and the statistical incidence of both together suggests that one may be able to trigger the other. Its a very grey area that different ENTs and neuro otologists have been unable to explain.

I wish you luck with the manoeuvres. For me it took a very experienced physio tipping my head further back and for longer than anyone had done before to finally shift the crystals. Home manouvres were a waste of time for me. Bear in mind though that you may still have MAV. Doc’s don’t like to believe that you can have both at once but you can so sometimes both need treating at once.

Best of luck,