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hi everyone :+1: how is everyone doing ?? well ive been back at work 3 weeks now and some days its tougher than others, I went out sat night and got completely hammered :joy: it felt great I didn’t get home till 430am, I felt extreamly tired on sunday but still went to my mums for mothers day and had more wine eeeek NO im not giving up alcohol I didn’t last time and I got better until the beast hit back end of jan but im determined to keep fighting and living as normal as possible, for those that are unsure about diet I contacted the migraine trust and they believe that foodstuff arnt a trigger for most as theres too much lack of evidence that food is a trigger,so there im not worried, that’s one less stress I believe stress is mainly a trigger for most as it takes years to build up to chronic migraine,so please lets all say F##K OFF MAV and try and relax and do what you can when you can :slight_smile: xx

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Had a bad day today mellybob - the Proporanalol is not working as well as it did and ive had a couple of vertigo sleep shocks from waking up the last two days…this mornings gave me brain fog and havent been right most of today. Suppose il have to discuss with my GP and maybe up the dose - i will try to take the second tablet later tonight…so try to cover my sleep hours and try to stop the sleep vertigo…

hi Paulus sorry to hear your having a bad day :sweat: what dosage of propranolol are you on? and how long have you been taking it?

im on two 40mg tablets a day - been taking propranalol about 7 or 8 weeks…

ive been on 100mg of propranolol for 8 weeks too and ive just upped mine to 120mg and im now on 50mg of nortriptyline too,hang on in there it does take time but try to live as normal as possible that’s what helped me last time and it worked!

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