Just curious - anyone have luck with Wellbutrin

I have a friend that took it after her mother died and liked it and it doesn’t cause weight gain and side effects weren’t bad i guess. It seems to be rated highly.

Anyone take for anxiety and or MaV?


There is a member on here that did get better with Welbutrin, but for the most part, it isn’t prescribed for MAV or anxiety. It usually increases anxiety as it is stimulating. Most of the meds for MAV deal with serotonin and Welby doesn’t do anything to serotonin…it hits dopamine and norephinephrine. It is usually added on to an SSRI when lethargy/sexual side effects are happening to get more balance in hitting all the neurotransmitters. Although for a few…it can work for anxiety.
Everyone is different…
The lady that got better with Welby was also using verapamil I think.


Thanks Kelley - was just curious is all