Just Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It

Being the Tennis Freak I am yesterday I watched a brief interview with Sir Andy Murray who is about to return to the Tennis Circuit as one half of a Doubles Couple after an illustrious Singles career having had two bouts of hip surgery and a considerable amount of pain and incapacity over recent months.
Enforced Immobility and Balance issues are particularly life altering and depressing. I found it particularly interesting to hear Andy Murray saying how depressing he began to get not being able to be active cos of hip pain? Such inactivity is worse in a young person too and I cannot imagine how it could affect such a person as him, a professional athlete only just into his thirties. It just took away life as he had known it since a teenager completely. He spoke of his surprise at finding after a short reduced training session he’d have to take it easy and sit down for the rest of the day was unable to pursue any of his normal activities. He was surprised at how he began to keep depressed. Obviously the uncertainty of recovery which in his life meant return to the tennis court played a large part in his reactions.

Lots of parallels here with MAV although in Andy’s case his has turned out to be far less relentless (he’s back on the court tomorrow at Queens) so, don’t beat yourself up about the restrictions caused by MAV, and if you cannot avoid it, remember at least you are in good company. Helen

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I agree Helen. Thanks for the reminder. I’m having a not so good day and feeling gulity and sad that my 17 year old son is also having a bad day. He seems to have developed a MIgraine Variant over the past year and it is heavy and thundery weather today so we are both suffering . He isn’t dizzy at all but gets a lot of visual symptoms, ear noise and pressure and feels like he might “zone out” (and has done a few times which has caused him anxiety).

You are right that none of us should beat ourselves up over it. I’m going to stop trying to do things whilst feeling crap, stop feeling guilty for passing on the migraine gene and let my older kids make the dinner and lounge on the sofa and watch some easy going TV drama without guilt.

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You can pick up the full interview on BBC Sport. It is interesting, as a long time MAV, is hear and appreciate the feelings of a person so unaccustomed to any restriction on his activities. Helen