Just eating anything at all is a trigger now :(

Anyone have this issue? Not sure if it’s some anticipatory effect, or maybe related to my jaw dysfunction (I have TMJ) but now everything I consume sets me off a little. I’m on a fairly strict elimination diet but just the act of eating causes a little flare up.

Oy. This disease. I want to kill it.

Suzanne can you liquidise your food for a week and see if that helps?

The more I learn about MAV the more I believe the ET is at the centre of it. If you upset the ET (like my dentist did recently) symptoms will flair up, I’ve learned. Perhaps TMJ can do that too?


You have any extraterrestrial causing your MAV? That actually makes PERFECT sense. Finally I understand.

Um, what’s ET?


The dentist was almost certainly human! Though he was wearing white boots which might have been hiding webbed feet! :lizard::rofl:

ET = Eustachian Tube


I also have this problem. Pretty much every meal sets me off, so I’ve given up following the elimination diet perfectly. Might as well have a little cheese if a bland salad is going to make me feel just as bad lol. But missing meals is an even bigger trigger for me, so I guess I really can’t win.

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Wow. I thought I would be the only one. And worse is that even the tiny increase in my Ami makes me ravenous. So I want to eat all day long but eating makes me dizzy :frowning:

If you can specifically link the nausea to the eating @Andy maybe is your man. There are several conditions which can cause such problems mostly linked via sugar but I’m not talking diabetes here. Not my forte but Andy seems pretty much well read up on such things.

Personally I’ve always found nausea and also GI issues are part of the VM condition. I recall having a constant feeling of nausea for many months when first chronic though I don’t associate it with eating specifically. Mine certainly wasn’t.

I was photophobic to varying degrees when first diagnosed but eventually became totally so for many months when my VM was at its most severe. The severity just went on getting worse until I couldn’t bear any light at all. As the neurologist said ‘Everything’s gone a bit hyper’. A master of understatement she was. Just maybe … it can be the same with other symptoms.

Yep my first couple months of MAV I lost 15lbs because I was scared of food.


I get your pain. When the neurologist put me on Topomax at 200 MG, I had such bad Gurd I was afraid to eat. All I could eat that didn’t make me sick was bread and water. No one should have to be afraid to eat.

whoa…this Topic makes me think of my diet. ;(