Just took Xanax

Today been my regular off but I had a YUMMY starbucks and I have nOT had caffeine in weeks 2 hours later BOOM REALLY off , it just ht me hard!!! My stomach is turning, cannot focus my eyes, then the anxiety kicks in so I took .25 xanax, hoping it helps! Is that a good dose? If I feel no better after 20-30 minutes should I take another? How do you guys use it when you use it as needed for dizziness?? If I dont get help tonight I can use all input for the next time cause I am TIRED of fighting this!!!


I take valium for the general dizziness. I don’t take xanax because it works like a sleeping pill for me for general use. With benzo’s, it doesn’t take much. For example, I started valium taking half of the smallest dose available, 1 mg from splitting a 2mg pill. After several years of intermittent use I am now up to 2.5 mg, splitting a 5mg pill in half. I can usually tell within 15 minutes if what I have taken is going to be enough or if I am going to need to up the dose. 15 minutes though is from experience, I would recommend giving it a half hour or so before taking more.

I also want to point out that I don’t like taking Benzo’s and take them only when I need to function during a dizzy spell. I also take the smallest dosage that I can to get through, usually not enough to stop the dizziness altogether.

I’ve been taking Xanax. The first two times it worked pretty well. Now it’s like whenever I take it I have a 50/50 chance of it working. I only take it when I know I have to get out and do something and be functional, like college or going shopping. I take very low doses as I’m very sensitive to medicine of any kind. Even the small dosage makes me really sleepy and with MAV that’s just not good because being sleepy makes me want coffee! :x

I was prescribed Xanax about a year or so ago and have tried it a few times with very mixed and unpredictable results. Sometimes it’s done what it’s supposed to, others it has left me completely zonked and like my skeleton has turned to jelly and other times it’s had the exact opposite effect - crazy anxiety, racing heart and wanting to jump out of my own skin. Not nice. Needless to say I have not asked for a second prescription!

Valium on the other hand has never failed me and is a consistent, reliable and faithful friend :smiley: .