Just when I thought it couldn't get worse!

Well I had a pretty rotten Easter spending most of it on my own as my husband took the kids to the seaside to stay with friends. Can’t eat any chocolate eggs either! Seriously though, as people may have gathered from my other posts I have taken aturn for the worse over the last month and I’m putting it down to the caloric test which I feel rather angry about as I’m not sure how necessary it really was. I thought getting a positive diagnosis would help and it seemed to at first but now I feel ‘what next?’ although the neuro-otologisr mentioned various drugs at my appointment her report only mentions Clonazepam, which helps but I don’t want to take it every day. I’m waiting for VRT but am scared it’ll make it worse. I recall she said amitriptiline wasn’t an option ad I am already on dothiepin and betablockers are risky as I have a history of asthma. There are so many conflicting views on whether VRT is approriate for MAV.

Anyway after two days virtually bedridden I ventured out for a walk round the block yesterdayto help clear my head - it was a beautiful day. I was absolutely horrified at how awful it was. I kept veering to the right barely being able to stay on the pavement (sidewalk). When I got home after about 15 mins I developed a banging migraine which hasn’t gone away, even with a Clonazepam.

I must say im pretty scared as I’ve not had this much difficulty walking before, in fact usually it helps. Only amonth ago I was going to work and the gym 3-4 times a week. Now I’m almost bed/sofa bound and my poor poor family are really suffering. My beautiful daughters are really upset cos mummys in bed all the time and my
husband alternates from being angry to upset. My mum keeps ringing to see if I’m better and is worried as hell.

Well sorry to write all that but I am totally at my wits’ end.

Im so sorry your going through this Ive heard similar stories on the caloric test doing this to people your probably one of the unfortunate ones .
Its made me question the testing recently as I wonder like you say how neccssary they are as ther outcome is usually the same .
I felt worse for a few days after London but thankfully Im back to ‘my’ normal now . Maybe this is just a blip , you will recover from this as hard as it is keep moving around things will improve.
Why cant you go on the ami?
As for the easter eggs I would have one I did yesterday I couldnt resist and it didnt really make much difference! and might make you smile !
I hope you recover soon gosh this illness is so un-fair but I know one thing I wont be going through the testing ever again !

In my thoughts xx