Keep hearing my phone= Auditory hallucination?

Please reassure me that I am not mental. Yesterday I had a load of text messages during the morning. Then in the afternoon I kept thinking I heard my phone going but no message. Turned phone off and still kept hearing it during the evening. Still hearing it faintly today several times an hour. To quote my lovely daughter:WTF? I know some people have heard a crescendo of voices. Has anyone had repetitive sounds haunting them? I did not think this illness had the potential to surprise me again after suffering every symptom under the sun. Does this sound migrainous or am I going nuts?

Phantom cell phone ringing and vibration is actually a known phenomena outside of migraine. It’s obviously new–since cell phones are new–but it doesn’t make you mental. Just “plugged in.”

Unplug a bit–it’ll go away.

This is reminiscent of the feeling that your phone is vibrating in your pocket–even when your phone is not IN your pocket. It happens a LOT to a LOT of people. This is the auditory version of that.

Thanks for your response. I have just read up on what you said but I don’t think it is this ringxiety nonsense. I am not someone who is always checking my phone (I’m over 40) and often leave it switched off for ages. I don’t think I might have heard my phone, I am definitely hearing it over and over even when I’m mid flow in a sentence or teaching PE on the playground and I know it is not real. Not really bothering me compared with everything else, just a bit weird.


Might be interesting to see what happens if you change your ring tone.

Just a thought.


I have he whole ‘vibration’ thing going on all the time!!! Drives me nuts!! :twisted: