Keep Hydrated

Hi guys
One thing I’d really like to share but most of you may already know but keeping hydrated has been a huge help. I make sure I drink 3 litres fluid a day. 2 litres of water & litre in tea (decaf) milk etc, when I don’t get through my water I really notice a difference. I’ve also noticed difference if I skip meals which I was prone to do before all this started, make sure I now eat breakfast at right time 7-9am lunch 12-2 and tea 6-7 & im definitely seeing benefits. I’ve cut out eating processed foods as well and only use low sodium salt and avoid any caffeine. I’ve started taking high dose vitamin C. Was advised to take Riboflavin & vitamin D by rehabilitation at hospital. I hope some of that will help someone who’s maybe new to all this & feeling a bit lost as I did a few weeks ago. Just to add was told to avoid computer as much as possible & at most only hour a day recommended which I know may make some people’s lives very difficult with their jobs :grimacing:


Yeah skipping meals is a big trigger for migraine for me and dehydration can cause a lot of issues too.

I agree. I have upped the amount of water I drink recently even though I thought I was drinking enough. .I had to prep for a colonoscopy with a new procedure that involved taking pills with a large amount of water (rather than the standard process of drinking stuff which I can’t tolerate). Anyway I had been feeling quite dizzy for a few days before I started but by the end of the night I was feeling much better. So significantly better that I thought what is in these pills! But I had drunk 3.5 litres of water that day/evening. Which is a huge amount. Not a scientific experiment by any means but my dizziness has been improved as I’ve upped my water intake (not so much as to overhydrate though).

Brilliant I can’t advocate it enough, it’s really helped me. I hope your procedure went ok & results good :crossed_fingers:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

yes all good thanks