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Keep working/studying

While you are on this condition do you keep/kept working or studying?

Sorry to say, but I had 6 months off as it was impossible to work, and then, once successfully medicated, returned to work part time. Ultimately I was made redundant. This was a blessing and a curse. Severance gave me the opportunity to take a long break and focus on other things.

I was only really able to focus on getting back into working 3 years on.

Im working still but struggling every single day. I have lost months of work into double figures since 2014 and lost count of how many times ive taken ill at work
Next step for me will be retirement on ill health…im upping my meds so this is last chance saloon i think

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I’ve been suffering from MAV for almost 6 years now and haven’t missed a day of work. There have been a few days where I’ve had to leave due to crushing migraine, but dizziness alone has never kept me out of the office.

The key for me has been knowing that dizziness can’t actually harm me in any way. Yeah it sucks terribly but aside from the spins I am physically fine and will not keel over and die. This mindset has kept me going through 3 new jobs and a move from Canada to the US.

Sometimes I do wonder if I should take an extended period of time off. I think it would do me some good, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to that point yet


I was about to finish uni this semester or the next and I really cant push myself to study. I am thinking that I have to attend on the cources and this drives me crazy because I would be sick all the time and dizzy, I cant even go down the road without feeling overwhelmed…

I’ve not stopped working, however I have a very lenient job surrounded by a great team who have jumped to my rescue more than once. I also travel a fair amount for my job and that is one area that did take a huge hit. I only flew twice last year to see clients, that was during the time of being chronic and not being medicated. I have a very regular “work life” now although I still have dizzy days. I think the challenges have been good for my healing.

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I’ve been working full time running a business all during MAV. I got to the point where it was obvious a crash was inevitable. So, I took the month of August off. Got back Tuesday and was promptly fired by my biggest client. So, I guess now I work part time. Blessing and a curse, MAV. I wish I had the benefit of unemployment insurance or the possibility of disability. I don’t, so I’ll keep plugging away and we’ll see where it goes.

I have had for this for 3+ years. I work from home on super bad days. 99% of the days i show up. Showing up has been helpful with the mental aspect of this illness. The dizziness is like tinnitus , somedays i can ignore it even when it is there.


I applaud you i really do…i dont know if its my age as im no spring chicken or just the severity of my Chronic MAV but i wish i hzd your stamina…i try my best but IT wins most days

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Sorry to hear that Emily…you will bounce back as always
Jo x

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I will. Give me a couple of months and I’ll be glad this happened. I’m done crying over it. My other clients have remained true. Maybe smaller, but more secure is better. That job was by far the most stressful aspect of my life. I’m praying better, less stressful things come my way. They couldn’t while that was still in place. Also, the environment was truly toxic. Good riddance to bad relationships. I have no regrets. They got better service than they understand.

I will miss that 60% of my total income. But, I’ve been poor before. I know how to batten down the hatches. Good-bye Starbucks, Panera and the spendy part of the grocery store. It was fun.


Well said🙏

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I started working 2 month ago and went back studying 5 month ago… a study at home but I find it difficult to concentrate. At work nobody knows about my problem, so far so good :slight_smile:


Ha, ha, “spendy part of the grocery store.” You can live without it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been laid off from a number of jobs and it always hurts at first but turns out OK in the end. And it sounds like this is a blessing for you, if it was really that stressful and toxic. Something else will come along.

Yeah, this ain’t my first rodeo or the first time I’ve been thrown. I always find my feet again, though lately that has a bit more wobble. :crazy_face:

Spendy is a word they use locally here in Seattle. It worms into the vocabulary and won’t go away. Much like that Southern drawl that likes to show up when I’m stressed, angry, drunk, tired. Only now it’s a drawl with Seattle words. Very strange.

Been getting reactions from staff today. OMG I’m glad to be gone already. I may be poor and massively maligned in that little place, but I’m free.

It needs real strength to keep working. I find it impossible when my eyes are like this. I get so much pressure from my mother for finding a job/finish the uni, I dont know how to handle it.

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Will she go to a neurologist appointment with you? Also, have you found a therapist yet?

She will never come with me lol. I am going with my father every time. Not yet, I had one and I will probably continoue with her and tell her that my symptoms are real and try a different approach.

Make sure you have a therapist that supports you. It’s very important to have support.

I work a small part time job. I had to cut down my hours and have had three months off during the summer. Financially it would make so much sense for me to work more, as I’m a single mum and depend on my ex husband money-wise. But I still feel too ill, what with looking after my son and my small part time job, I feel I’m stretching myself to the limit. I want to get better and know I need to look after myself to get there. I’m lucky that I can afford to though, even if the situation isn’t ideal.