Klonopin and pregnancy. Safe or not? Any experience?

I started getting MAV symptoms 1 month after having a baby and after months of various doctors finally ended up seeing an ENT. I want to get pregnant again but have tried decreasing my Klonopin and felt insane and dizzy again. Has anyone either a) been pregnant and continued the Klonopin ; b) successfully come off of Klonopin before/ beginning of pregnancy or; C) tried a different but “safe” drug instead of Klonopin that worked during pregnancy? I realize it is a class D drug but hoping I have missed some new information regarding drug safety etc. and curious as to what most OB/GYNs think. I am scared to ask my own knowing how I feel coming off the drug. (My symptoms are chronic and include but not limited to: constant dizziness, light sensitivity, disorientation etc. in busy environments.)