Klonopin/Benzos bad!

Recently, stop taking Klonopin, tirated too fast I may add. Didn’t help my dizziness, just anxiety and sleep, was also slowly losing my short term memory and cognitive abilities were at an all time low. Decided I didn’t want it anymore. Now I am in the depths of hell, stuck, researched withdrawal which I did not know about previously and can’t believe the horror stories. My anxiety and insomnia are rampent, my dizziness and memory are twice as bad as before. Nausea, shakes and amplified vision problems. These drugs are not designed to take over long periods. Once you stop you are recommended to not start again based on the fact that they may not work as well and you will need more to achieve the same result and will also become more dependent. Withdrawal and symptoms can last for months, even years. I can not believe that they are allowed to prescribe drugs like this. I am going to try and struggle through this, may have to add a tricylic for anxiety, have had luck with Nori before for that, but did not help the dizzys. Really don’t want to add any more chemicals to my brain but I may not have a choice. What do you think? I feel like I am addicted to something that is damaging my brain even further and do not want to go back to it, hopefully my brain will heal that part of its self. The last thing I needed was more bad news. I was only on .5mg for 4 months so hopefully it will get better. Don’t know if that is considered a high dose

It takes the edge off the vertigo but added a whole lot of other problems on top. Not worth it for you!
You’ll be ok and get through it. Drink a lot of chamomile (get the real flowers) and valerian tea, and put lavender everywhere :slight_smile: