Klonopin daily use

HI All,

I have been having a great week with all my meds, and was hoping the new “normal” was because I have added some Effexor to the mix. But I think it’s because I’ve been taking the Klonopin daily to offset the stimulating effect of the Fex.
I didn’t take Klonopin today, and I feel swimmy in the head…vision off…pretty much how I always felt…
My doctors have assured me that the low dose I take isn’t something to worry about, but I am nervous about it. I take 1/4 of a 0.5 mg pill. Seems pretty harmless, but I hate to think I would build a tolerance and then what if I couldn’t ever take it in the future? That would suck.

So for now, I’m going to alternate days using it and try to just relax on my “bad” days, and enjoy the good ones…jury still out on Fex if I will stick it out or not…day 9 as we speak, and it’s been tolerable.


Kelley, that amount is really teensy. My doc assured me I could take a full .5 every day without worry about building tolerance, especially since I do have a high level of anxiety. I still don’t because I have the same fears as you but it’s also the only thing that seems to help the mav.


Hey Kelley,

I noticed you used the word “swimmy in your head”…and that is one of the big symptoms i have with this condition especially if i don’t take a small amount of anti-anxiety medication. The Swimmy feeling use to be much worse but after many years i’ve made improvment…but still not 100%. Xanex is has been the best help for me…Verapamil is the runner-up. Do you have the Swimmy smyptom fairly often or is this relatively new?


clonazepam isn’t helpful in migraine. It seems to help rocking vertigo though, but there is no evidence from what I gather that clonazepam actually helps the migrainepart of mav at all.

I think 0.5mg or 0.75mg daily is nothing to worry about, for most people. Don’t worry too much about building tolerance, it rarely happens in its effect on dizziness, but can happen in its effect on anxiety and sleepproblems. If you would happen to build tolerance all you need to do is not to take the drug for a while, and your tolerance should be back to 0.