Klonopin made me worse, seems I cant take benzos anymore :(

Hey everyone, well for the most part I’m doing really well, Im on Depakote and Verapamil and for the most part I function between %95-99 till mid month when hormones kick in(ovulation) then my days fluctuate till my menstrual period then Im awful for abput a day or two, then bsck to normal. My doctor prescribed me klonopin for my dizzy days especially since Im going to start working soon. Well he gave me .25Mg and I took literally a crumb and feel so sleepy right now, in a.fog. The same thing has been happening with valium and Ativan and those 2 used to save me on bad days. The only thing that helps now is taking another verapamil pill(120mg) but I already take 480Mg a day, he told me that was the max dose, but its been helping a lot so I take it anyway. Anyone else cant take benzos when they used to be able to? I’m not sure if its because Im already on Depakote which also increases gabba similar to benzos? So strange, it has me second guessing going back to work now as I don’t really have an emergency pill to turn to.

Klonopin has a very long half life, as does Valium. If you take it at night, it should carry through the next day. Would that solve your problem? I remember scott had a problem where he was getting ramped up on valium, so he took a break, and I believe they will work again now if he needs. He might chime in on that.