Klonopin Question?

Does anyone know if Klonopin work the next day if you are only taking it at night? I can’t take it in the daytime it makes me too sleepy! Thanks!

Not exactly sure what you mean about working the “next day”. First, it takes a while for Klonopin to build up in your system (at least to a measurable level to show improvement in symptoms). Secondly, it stays in your system for a while, so if you take it a night, it is still in your system the next day. So I guess the answer to your question is yes. I take half my pill in the morning and half at bed time btw. If you find it makes you too sleepy in the day time, that could be because your dose is too high. You could either decrease the dose (under doc orders) or just take it at night as you suggest if your doc says ok.

Thanks so much! I was just hoping it would still bee working the next day if I took it at night! Thank you!

Klonopin has an approximate 20 hour half life. It is one of the longer lasting benzos, along with Valium. It doesn’t, however, work fast for a panic attack or something. It is classified as a benzo, but also as an anti-convulsant.
I believe it calms the brain down, and I find it works really great for me. Too great. I wish I could take it every day. I take 1/4 of a 0.5 mg pill when I am feeling especially anxious, or having more dizziness, and it helps. I feel like a rock star if I cannot take it for days at a time. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps.

My psychiatrist says it isn’t addicting at such a small dose, but I believe it is. He said that if it works to help correct the dizziness than I could take it for the rest of my life! What do you think?? :smiley:

Mine says the same thing but I can’t shake the hesitation is taking it daily. My fear is tht I would get to the point where I"d need more and more to get the same result. Surely they have to come out with something for us that works without the addiction worries!!!

My doctor says compared to the other similar meds, klonopin is less likely to be addictive or at the least, you would have less trouble coming off it if necessary. I have been on the same dose (.5 mg daily) for about 2 years now. Haven’t had to increase the dose, although for a while I did have to take a second medication to help with the balance. It is true, however, that some people may have issues with it. This is the case with any drug though. It’s the nature of the beast so to speak. I’d rather take my chance with a medication like this one that has helped me and is less likely to give me problems compared to others. You just have to decide what you are willing to do.

Hi Bcrelief,
Besides the Klonapin, what other medications do you take for the dizziness?

For the balance/dizziness, I initially was only prescribed Klonopin. Then I was given Tofranil as well. I later stopped the Tofranil as I didn’t seem to need it any more and I didn’t like the side effects (they were minor, but I got overheated with it). I don’t know if that is because my body adjusted (as it is supposed to do over time) or if the Topamax that I started taking helped with the balance as well. I should note that I did NOT start the Topamax for any balance reasons - it was strictly for migraines.

Best, Bonnie

I have been taking 0.5 mg of klonopin 2x/day for 4yrs and I am not addicted to it. My drs have never worried about me becoming addicted to it at this low dosage. It has helped me tremendously with the balance and vertigo that I was having daily from MAV and MM. I still use a cane on some days.

My Drs recently increased the klonopin to 1 mg 3x/day and that has really helped me to improve my balance and go into stores and do some shopping for small amounts of time. I can now do some household chores for short periods of time before I get my MAV symptoms. They also increased my topamax to 150mg/day and I am now having 1-2 migraines a week instead of 5-6.
So I will take my chances with this increase for right now. My drs are both conservative and I trust them. Right now,I am feeling the best I have felt in 5 yrs so I think this plan is working.

My only concern is that I my body may become dependent on this dosage and then it will not work as well later or quit working for me. That seemed to happen with valium when I took it for an extended period of time.