Klonopin vs Xanax

Hi all

First, I want to make a point that I have met some recent great friends on here. One in particular, “RockysMom”…aka Kelley. She has been a Godsend in terms of helping me sort through my medication mystery that seems to be baffling every physician around. Thanks Kelley…I’ve got tickets to Puerto Vallarta for you when I am healed :smiley:

Now to my story:

If you remember my story, I have been “hooked” on Xanax at .5 mg at 4 times a day for about 4 years…with very minimal success. I have felt very shitty for a long , long time.

A week and a half ago, my Neurologist gave me Klonopin. I am taking 1 mg at 2 times a day (sometimes 3 times a day, but usually 2)

I have had the best week and a half feeling for the past 4 and a half years! I am not saying this will stay this way. It is way too early to say this is permanent. And I am certainly not feeling awesome…but I am better that I have been…yeah. Also… I have started my Topomax trial. I am on 50 mg starting yesterday. I will continuing titrating up until I see something …ANYTHING! Just thought I would give you an update and get your feedback about the changes. Do you think the Klonopin could really have this effect on me? My interpretation was always that Klonopin was simply a identical twin of Xanax…but I sure do not feel that way! By the way…I have not touched a Xanax in a week! And I was flat out “hooked”…I am talking a Junkie :shock: Looking for feedback guys…your the experts!!!

Hi Todd,
Just a humble “you’re welcome” and thank you for your kind words. This forum has been the saving Grace for so many of us. I am totally excited that you have found some relief!!

Klonopin has still been the preferred med for me vs the Xanax? Yeah!

I have been taking 1mg @ 3 times a day…which has made me feel ok…but has also doped me out.

Thus, I am lowering this down to .5 mg a day @ 2 times a day.

What is considered high, medium, low with this med for you guys?

I felt “ok” at the 1 mg 3 times a day, but apparently my wife and co-workers felt like I was acting like an out of work snow-boarder…ie stoned out of my mind.


Any thought, ideas


Hi Todd
.5mg @ 2 x day still seems high if you are still on Celexa and topamax unless it is to move over from the xanax. I only take .25mg once per day of the klonopin in addition to the topamax, but I wasn’t moving off xanax. So, maybe your current dose makes sense until your body normalizes on the klonopin. Congratulations on your smooth transition. Any progress on dizziness yet??? Anything?? Side effects from topa??

Sorry am I reading this right , so you started Topa at 50mgs???
if so , no wonder klonopin has wonderfull reviews, it must have the capacity to block some of the “INTERESTING” side effects it causes.
Good on you for giving it go.
I’m coming off of valium right now due to tollerance issues, apart from a little more vigorous rocking, it’s ok.
Todd the problem with xanax is it is short acting, so it helps quickly but then the anitial feelings of relaxation release leaves too quickly, so
your left “wanting” more.
klonopin lasts for a long time, but dosn’t hit those lovely effects quite the same, klonopin is very strong abd should stop any xanax withdrawal.
The only thing I ever worry about with benzos is tollerance issues, meaning your body becomes use to the does and needs more to gain the same results.

.I wish you well Todd, all we can do is try to find what helps us feel better so we can get on with life.


Hi Jen,
You kind of have it right :smiley:

I started off at about 1 and and 1/2 week ago on Topomax. He had me at 25 mg for 1 week. Then, at the 1 week period, I titrated up to 50 mg.

The Klonopin has just been fuc#### bizarre…please excuse my language!!!

I have been on Xanax for 4 and 1/2 years with little or no relief. I was taking .5 mg at 4 times a day at the end. Maybe at the beginning it was helping a bit, (just a bit), but not at the end. However, I absolutely could not get off of the stuff. (I’m Todd Seiger and I am a junkie) ha ha…that was a Ambien A.A. joke :lol:

If I tried to wean slowly off of it, ie. take a half tablet 4 times a day, my heart woud race like Dale Earnhardt.

Per you guys (my residential experts!), I asked my Neurologist about Klonopin. He agreed. I switched over…the rest is history so far. I had been taking (per his advice) 1 mg at 3 times a day. Made me feel WAY better, **but stoned! **Backed it off to .5 mg at 3 times a day…still fill way better…but still fill way stoned! Trying to find a good balance!!!

So he has me on:

  1. Remeron at 7.5mg for sleep at night
  2. Klonopin at my discretion
  3. Topamax…titrating up as I see fit

That is it for now…any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! Your friend! Todd