Just wondering if anyone out there has had luck with Klonopin as a daily preventative? Does it help HA and dizziness?

I took it daily in a very small dose (1/4 to 1/3 of a 0.5 pill) until I got on Celexa. It significantly reduced my dizziness and made it possible for me to sit and to sleep without feeling like I was spinning. However, the Celexa really did the trick and stopped the dizziness and vertigo almost completely. So I would say that Klonopin will work but not as well as the right medication. However, I still take a pinch of Valium a couple times a week before I get into bed, since that is the only time that I spin.

My suggestion is that you try the Klonopin and see if it can help to stabilize you until you get the right long term medication.

Thanks for your response. I’ve tried several meds so far…Verapamil helped HAs but not the dizziness. I added Nort, then the HAs came back, dizziness got worse and I felt so medicated. Just finished a 12 day trial of Topa. Put me into MAV hell. dizziness got much worse, Ha worse, and I had this terrible anxiety, nervousness, insomnia. Stopped it 6 days ago and still feel terrible Have a call out to MD. Not sure what to try next? It seems Celexa has helped many…I’m very very med sensitive( the Nort was only 10 mg and Topa 25 mg). So I am a bit Leary to try another med after what I’ve been thru the last 2 months.

Your advice makes sense. What dose Celexa are you on?