Lamictal dosage?

Hi all,

With respect to MAV…what tends to be a general therapeutic dosage for this medication?

I know everyone is different and weight/metabolization/other factors play a role in level of dosage.

Just curious what others have heard / seen / etc?

Thanks guys!



This from MIMS:

**Dose **
Monotherapy adults, children > 12 yrs: 25 mg once daily for 2 wks, then 50 mg once daily for 2 wks; may then incr by max 50-100 mg every 1-2 wks; usual maintenance 100-200 mg/day in 1-2 divided doses.

Of course this is for epilepsy and assumes that you have no other condition going on and not mixing with some other drug. So to that end, I’d be asking your GP with respect to your particular migraine case to be sure.



Too bad effexor apparently didn’t work for you. I thought it might be helpful if I added a prologue for you to my MAV saga, given your inquiry about lamicital and fact that our respective symptoms are almost identical. I first started to experience episodes in 2006/2007. The neuro at the time diagnosed me with epilpesy based, in part, upon a somewhat abnormal EEG test. She considered migraine but leaned toward epilepsy as I wasn’t experiencing true vertigo symptoms. The first drug I tried was lamicital. It really helped at first but then I would go back to my base point. This happened every single time the dosage was increased until I reached the max dosage (I don’t recall what that was) and she took me off lamictal. I didn’t have any signifcant side effects with lamictal; I seem to recall reading that if you devlop a skin rash while on lamictal it can be serious and you need to see a Doctor ASAP. Also, the neuro monitored my blood work for any liver issues.

I hope lamictal works for you. Good luck.


Hi Todd

I’ve been on Lamitcal since October 2010. I started @ 25 mgs. I have had to up my dosage by 25 mgs on average every 8 weeks and now I’m at 175 mgs. My neuro says I can go to 400mg which gives me at least another year before I have to get back on the drug train! Going to 400mg makes me kind of nervous because 400mg is the normal dose for seizure not migraine, but the thought of getting off lamictal any sooner scares me to death.

Is it strictly for migraine prevention, and if so, how is it working for you?


I take it only for migraines. It works pretty well. I still have slight dizziness most days but I’m only have major dizzies once or twice a month. I’m missing only 2-3 days of work per month, which for me is GREAT! I find the med helps me to get over the spells quicker. I can’t say I’ve had any really bad side effects - but after I hit 150mg I find I’m having headaches frequently. However at the same time I began having major sinus problems so I’m still trying to figure out if its the pills, sinus problems or just stress! I also finds this pill keeps my emotions front & center all the time. I cry for anything now when before the pills I would hardy ever cry.

That’s interesting about the emotions since it is meant to be a mood stabiliser. Is it the only med you take?

Im glad to see this medicine works for somebody on here. Im considering asking my doctor about it since he told me to stop the Depakote. How long did it take for you to see an effect?

IF you Google “migrainously yours Lamictal” you will see a blog about a persons (positive) experience with Lamictal…

So…I am up to 50mg of Lamictal and will hold steady there for awhile.

Also, as you might be aware, I have been seeing doctors left and right to get different perspectives from various angles.

These physicans have all agreed on one thing:

I need to start getting quality sleep to let these migraine meds be able to do their thing.

Originally, I was on Ambien (worked like a charm), then it pooped out.

Next, I was on Remeron (worked better than a charm) :smiley: )

Both docs have recommended Seroquel…which is a heavy hitter. (the word “tranquilizer” came up…and I had visions of some African Safari where they are shooting elephants to knock them out :o )

I will take my first one tonight. If I don’t report back in a few days, it simply means that I am still sleeping like a baby and will hopefully awaken soon to report what I am feeling.

Take care everyone. Have I mentioned in the past week or so that this disease BLOWS !!! Just checking :smiley:

Your friend in the Northwest and always ready to have a beer and steak with…Todd


I started Lamictal in October 2010. I want to say it took only a couple of weeks before I was better - much better. I find it can’t overcome the hormone issues once a month or major weather changes, I still get the dizzys & I don’t think that will change. However from what I read in the success stories I don’t expect a 100% cure so I’m pretty happy where the drug has put me.


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