Lamictal Side Effects?

From searching around, it looks like a few folks have tried Lamictal for MAV… Are any of you still on it? And, if so, how’d you do with the side effects? After biting the bullet and giving it a try (originally very leery of potential for deadly rash) - this is my 5th day on it and I’m not thrilled with the side effects. No rash, but the biggie is turning out to be insomnia. Normally I’m not a great sleeper - I sleep soundly till about 5 am, then don’t seem to ever be able to get back to sleep. This has been really lousy, though. The first night was fine. Then the next couple I woke up at about 1 am and was dried up like a prune (nose, mouth, throat, eyes - very dry; lips shriveled!). Then I couldn’t get back to sleep and pretty much dozed on and off lightly all night. Since I was taking the pill (25 mg) in the evening, I skipped it last night and took it this morning instead. Didn’t wake up shriveled, but basically dozed on and off all night - didn’t get any good sound sleep. Took a pill this morning, and now drowsy. Grrr. If you’ve taken this before, have you experienced this? And if so, will it go away, or is it a lost cause? We all know how MAV is worse when we don’t sleep well, so I don’t know how much longer I can stand this… I’ve got to go to work every day, and it’s hard knowing that I’d likely feel better than I do if I WASN’T taking this med. But I do want to give it a fair chance, as I guess there’s the potential for it to make me feel better than I usually do. Ugh. Soooo sick of test-driving meds. :roll: