I was diagnosed with MAV last December after sudden crash in August and 4 mnths dizziness, floating head, light-headed, fogginess etc etc etc. You know the types of things!!
Originally treated with Topamax but had to stop at 50mg due to sudden and awful depression as SE.
Am currently on 50mg of Lamotrigine, having started at 25mg in February.
Have had some good days, but over the last couple of weeks have had some seriously bad days - almost a return to the horror of the August/September period. Bad sleep with loads of adrenaline rushes waking me up, dizzy dreams, bouncy floors when walking, right-sided sways.
I am seeing my GP this week to talk about upping the dosage to 75mg on advice from consultant in London.
Has anybody here had successful treatment with lamotrigine?
Cheers Ali

I am currently on Lamictal.

I think I am getting a little better, but still am having light headed and bouncy floor (great description!) symptoms.

I am currently at 75mg a day. Next week I go up to 100 mg. I will hold there for a while after going up 25mg every other week since starting it. My doc said it is possible to have to go up to as high as 250mg to have results! But most of his patients see significant relief at somwhere between 75 and 125mg…

On the down side, my “real” migranes are escalating, but I don’t think that is related…

Thanks for this information…and sorry to hear that the migraine pain is increasing. That must be very debilitating. I do get migraine headaches 2-3 times a year and they are blinders - sickness, complete inability to move, loss of power of speech etc. Wipe me out for a couple of days. This latest manifestation of migraine though is chronic…every day there are some symptoms and the shaky head, bouncy floor, swinging vision is the worse. I will definitely give Lamictal at a higher dosage a try.