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Lankota Monkfruit

My new neurologist, Dr Duval, has advised me that artificial sweeteners are a trigger, much like MSG. since I’m on the HMR Weight Loss Program, I regularly get Sodium Saccharine in their foods, so I can’t do anything about that. But, I’ve been using Splenda for coffee and tea. I drink lots of coffee and tea, all of it decaf, so I get a lot of Splenda.

My diet coach suggested Lankota Monkfruit when I brought up the subject. I never heard of it before.

What does anyone know about Monkfruit?

@turnitaround James, please check that I have this in the correct category. I wasn’t positive about that.

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I use pure monkfruit all the time. No issues. The brand you mention has other ingredients I think, like erythritol which gives me (and other people) the runs so I avoid it.

What brand do you use, and where do you get it?

Also, is your decaf coffee 100% caffeine free? I did an experiment with standard decaf vs true decaf and was astounded by the symptoms triggered by standard decaf (which can have up to 10% caffeine)!

I’m sure it’s not 100% caffeine free. From what I’ve found out, decaf still has about 3% caffeine in it. If you have found some that is truly 100% caffeine free, I would be very interested in trying it.

Amazon. Not sure the brand but it lasts for every. A few tiny drops is enough.

If you run across the listing again, I would be greatly appreciative if you would remember to share it with me. I’m in no rush, I just received four bags of Splenda from Amazon.

Splenda is SO bad for you.

Now Foods Monkfruit organic drops on Amazon.

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This one?