Laser skirmish fallout?


Last Wednesday we had a team building afternoon for work. We played laser skirmish. Basically about 12 of us ran around in the dark with laser guns and funky colours, hiding and shooting each other for points. It went on for 15 minutes.

When it was over I was totally knackered. I ran like crazy, and was in full-on battle mode. It was major fun but when I came out I was soaked with sweat (as was everyone else) and could barely catch my breath. When I got home I was completely wiped out.

So here I am on Saturday and I feel shocking. It was bad Friday too. It’s like I have the flu x1000 but it’s not flu. Ache like mad everywhere and feel flat as a pancake. No energy. Head is super migrainey.

Did 15 minutes of craziness do me in? It was like I sprinted for 15 min really. I thought I was OK Thursday but holy crap this is bad backlash. Very bad.

In a word … yes. I remember getting my old roller skates out, (wasn’t that long ago!) but before my back went, and roller skating up and down outside for about 15 minutes, the after effects were astronomical!

That charging around (you little tinker :shock: ) would have been enough to wipe me out for 2 days.

BTW, very often , the following day is not the worse for me but its the day after that. Its crap we cant enjoy the things we used to without paying a price. Mind you, I live my life paying the price constantly, otherwise its no life at all :slight_smile:

I still wonder exactly what the neurological connection is to all of this, the fluey aching, exhaustion etc. If anybody has any theories or answers to this I would be most interested.


Dr S always tells me light exercise is fine but no overexertion

You will return back normal in a couple of days mate

Thanks guys … just wish I could MAINTAIN some level of fitness. I always fall off the wagon and never able to be consistent. :shock:

Christine, we really have a similar migraine fingerprint.

Definitely need to find a form of exercise that provides your just right challenge - not too much exertion but enough to boost endorphins.
I have found that between Pure Barre and yoga classes …

P.S. I’ve played laser tag with my son and yes its a sensory overload nightmare. Probably a combination of the intense physical exercise with the sensory stimulation = nervous system shot :frowning:


Christine, I’ve seen that second-day-after reaction in a number of areas, even before MAV. I wonder whether I could avoid the rebound backlash whatever if on the day following the intense activity I did more of the same, only less intense. Remind my body I’m not ready to tighten up, still interested in using that energy and acting friskier than usual, sort of thing.

I used to go play laser tag a lot. I can’t imagine doing it in my current condition. It’s not even about the exercise when I think about it - it’s black lights, flashing lights, mirrors with images bouncing off all over, and a darkened room where balance can be lost easily.

Right now, the best exercise for me when I am in a bad spot is a stationary bike. It’s indoors and temperature controlled, doesn’t jolt my head around, and the bike isn’t going to fall over on me if I start to tilt. I used to run a lot, and right now it’s just out of the question. I’m working on rehabbing myself back to where I can handle it for short runs, etc. Not sure marathons are anywhere in the near to medium future again.

My kids drag me to day-glo golfing and also to cosmic bowling, both of which are are in dark environments with day-glo everywhere, loud music blaring and no natural light. I always walk out of those places disoriented. If you threw in sprinting and running in all directions, that would be brutal.

Ha Ha Ha…That sounds like so much fun… probably not worth the backlash though. I’m impressed you even gave it a shot! Take it easy!!

I do HARD yoga sometimes because i worry about my weight and not being fit, feels great when i do it but next day or two i feel wiped out and weak too, maybe some things are just too much for us?? :roll: