Lead time between triggers and symptoms

I’m curious about the range of lead times between triggers and symptoms.
What are your experiences with this, and do they depend on the type of trigger?

I find that weather/barometric type triggers work fast with me. Others I’m unclear about, and I dunno how I will deal with this in terms of sorting out food sensitivities. If, say, some foodstuff takes up to a week to cause problems, and over the course of that week a rainy day makes its way through, how do you figure causation? So many covariates: sleep, quotidian stressors, foods, weather, . . . . i don’t think SPSS is set up to deal with something like this that lacks reliable metrics.

I haven’t managed to work out any triggers yet…


Mine do depend on the trigger. I will note that I am medicated and have constant dizziness. My triggers are things I consider to make MY dizziness worse than usual.

Generally if it is a food trigger regardless of what time it eat it at, I won’t pay for it until I wake up the next morning. My environmental triggers are immediate, but some have longer laster effects than others. Optic flow for me is HUGE. I can not go to ANY sort of store or be in an environment with too much visual clutter. Not only am I immediately dizzier than normal, but the effects are worse the following and days (2-3). Other environmental triggers (too much movement, walking around the block etc) I am learning to manage. While I notice immediately the dizziness, I’m still trying to figure out how much is too much. There is a fine line for me between resting and having the symptoms calm in a few hours, or having a severe flare up for days. I still can’t judge it well.


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Amazingly variable for me, almost too much so to say anything definitive about lead times. My best shot is that foods are never immediate, maybe 24 hours, more likely two, three or four days. Visual triggers are harder to pin down and depends on whether it’s a good or bad MAV day. On good days I can sometimes get away with it, on bad days, within seconds of glare or flourescent lights or grocery isles, I’m a gonner. At times I just know how I’m going to react, at others I’m taken completely by surprise.


Interesting. Thanks.