Leaky gut syndrom

Anyone ever hear of leaky gut syndrome is becoming the cause of a lot of condition including MAV? An overgroth of candida can invade your whole body and organs and cause numerous health issues? Just wanted to pick someones brain about it.


Yes, I looked into it when my friend was doing a candida diet and I was surprised at what I was reading- a lot of the same symptoms, not to mention I have that “are you preggo look” still after 2 years of having baby ;(

I went and have a colonic done and the lady said she thought i had yeast and I should go to the gastro. dr. The problem is leaky gut syndrome is still debated among dr’s so maybe go to a naturopath if the dr. you go to doesn’t agree with it. It makes total since to me and a cleanse in my opinion isn’t a bad thing anyway. You can buy at home kits, but i read the best way to get rid of yeast was to get a colonic so i did it and it was fine, no major changes yet though with my 24/7 rockiness.

I posted about this a while ago an many people were skeptical if it could contribute to MAV symptoms. It is known that leaky gut causes food intolerances because food particles get into the bloodstream through the gut and are marked by white blood cells. If I stay away from my food and chemical triggers I stay migraine free. (With a small dose of Nortriptyline as well.) An added side effect is that it has also cleared my acne which I suffered from since a teenager!

Probiotic yogurt, good animal fats and staying away from high carbohydrate/sugar/chemical foods helps so much. Starting with antifungals/antibacterials such as oregano oil and coconut oil are a good thing to do with as well to correct any flora imbalances. If you think about it many of the things to avoid in the migraine diet are things that could be potential intolerance triggers or can exasperate leaky gut. For me I have to stay away from sleeping in too late, anything aerosol (hairspray, dry shampoo… etc.) corn, wheat (although I am not celiac), lemons, vinegar and alcohol. It is hard but it takes multiple triggers to set off a mild migraine for me now rather than having a hint of one trigger full rotational vertigo! Focus on healing your gut and you are on the right path. As far back as the 1900’s doctors clued in to the skin-brain-gut axis.

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