Learnt something new today!

My mom told me that my late nan used to get migraine associated vertigo and would have to go to bed all the time and my auntie used to get it aswell. My mom said she used to sit in sunglasses saying her head was spinning but none of them ever got diagnosed , we were having a discussion about it and it popped up up in convo , cant believe she never told me before tbh !!!
Its got to be genetic according to that as my mom gets vertigo about twice a year also !

Hi Blondie

Yup, this is most definitely a genetic disease. What causes it to be expressed is anyone’s guess. I only realised last year that my Mom has this too as did my grand mother. S

Yes, while agree that probably 99% of cases of MAV are genetic, let’s not forget about the minority of us that had this as a result of head injury…
That can and does happen as well :frowning:

Hi Lisa,

Good point. Do you think you had the predisposition there to begin with but the knock on the head kicked it off in the same way other brain traumas do (VN or BPPV for example)?


Yes Im sure it can start from a head trauma but I honestly think your already genecticly disposed to getting it and maybe that just triggered it to happen.
Its just odd as all the women in my family have had vertigo and migraines even my little sister gets dizzy a lot , so its just passed down from my great nan like a horrible disorder.
I just wonder why I get it the worst than all of them ?!

Interesting questions. And here’s another related one - can you be genetically disposed to getting it (or maybe another term is better for this, as I am trying to suggest that your chemical or body make up is just succeptable to getting it) if you DON’T have a family history of it? I don’t seem to have a family history of migraines, at least from what I can trace (none from my mother, sis, or grandmother according to my dad with the latter.) I just started getting migraines in my late teens/early 20’s. And yes, a blow to the head or related pain can then trigger more severe migraine issues according to my neurologist, which is what happened with me - my jaw cracking and going out (TMJ) triggered my MAV issues. Because I already had migraine issues and balance issues in my history (coming off a cruise ship trip in my early 20’s, I had lots of balance and brain fog problems), he said I was succeptable to the MAV and was not surprised that I now have these problems.

I had ZERO predisposition. I probably took about 5 advils if that in my entire life for mild headaches (I am 35) prior to this injury. Zero motion sensitivity, etc. There is not one migraine sufferer in my family anywhere to be found. No one with any headache or vestibular issues at all. 100% due to this injury unfortunately.

It’s a bit odd that nobody on either side of my family has anything remotely like this. Mother ‘never gets a headache’ and doesn’t seem to understand what ‘dizzy’ means! Don’t think I had a head injury either. And I don’t think there was a mix up of babies at my birth or that my mun was overfriendly with the milkman as I look like both my parents in different ways…