LECTURE: Dizziness in the Covid Era - Professor Peter Rea

Link: Prof Peter Rea - Dizziness in The Covid19 Era , Self help advice and NHS Treatment - YouTube

The most interesting part of the lecture is that Leicester university has just been given a £2,000,000 government grant to research vestibular migraine and PPPD.

Also I haven’t seen this doctor mentioned here on the forum before, but he seems quite knowledgeable, and he presents excellently.

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I so wish I could be part of that clinical study. Alas, wrong continent.

Good find. Thx for posting. Grant! That sounds great. Professor Peter Rea is mentioned. Try using the Search facility. Works a treat. I have read of his stuff and posted mention. Also from memory I associate him with Visual Snow. Should find a link to an article in that too. He’s well respected. In fact he is an ENT Consultant at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Lead Clinician at the Leicester Balance Clinic.

It’s a very interesting talk. We should all have a zoom call with a doctor :), would any of the big ones had a conversation with us?? :slight_smile: A dream idea.


I’d love to ask them a whole raft of questions. Really dig down deep on what they truly know and understand because suggesting cutting out coffee or popping out for a walk to a 3 year old patient is pretty weak.

Hopefully 2 million quid gains some answers :crossed_fingers:t2:



Did not know where to post this, but I ran into this take on Covid19 and dizziness from Dr. Hain

And then this article about brain fog and Covid.

I like Dr. Hain’s speculations of how covid can be triggering the dizziness. I wonder how long the dizziness would last, as some reports show the loss of smell and taste can take months, and if those suffering from covid-related dizziness would respond to the same meds as MAV.


One thing that many doctors seem to miss is that the endolymphatic body is immune active and will swell in order to flush the cochlear of pathogens, potentially proactively. Any infection anywhere in the body might cause this to happen as the invasion is signaled systemically. That could itself cause balance and hearing issues. Moderate swelling would be 100% reversible I imagine.

The lack of focus on and consideration for the pathology of the inner ear is not something I respect current medicine for.

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I well remember early on reading 8% of patients experience dizziness and thinking it’s a good condition not to catch if you are a MAVer. Whatever the root cause it’s not surprising after all another coronavirus the Common Cold will make me dizzy. It’s rather a case of the Achilles Heel syndrome for MAVers generally I suspect.

As to Brain Fog there surely is a CNS connection. Heard a lot about people suffering brain fog recently. One only today on local news suffering brain fog from long Covid. Recently I read an article on Menopause which contained a long list of symptoms 90% of which we might tend to blame on MAV, Brain Fog being top of the list. Gives ladies of a certain age a better chance of a double whammy…

Hearing how similar some symptoms most particularly with long Covid are to MAV I have been hoping for some time the political pressure to assist Covid recovery might have some long-term impact on better understanding and treatment of other conditions with similar symptoms such as MAV. Heard only today Matt Hancock UK Health Minister telling long Covid patient the Government is throwing cash at the project. :crossed_fingers: