Let's talk eye floaters!

Ok guys, need your thoughts on this. I am having loads & loads of eye floaters. They have seemed to increased over the past year. I have looked back at old posts but it’s all quite confusing. So, Scott I wonder if you or anyone else can please explain to me. 1 - does migraine cause the eye floaters? 2- or does medication increase them (I’m on 60mg of nori). I know for a fact that my eyes are fine as I ended up in a&e of Moorfields 3 weeks ago & they do very very thorough checks!
Anyone else having the same thing go on or can shed some light for me please?
Thanks x

Hi Anna

Yeah i get eye floaters. Could be the med or could just be an other weird migraine symptom.

Thanks rob, anyone else? Ta x

Hi Anna!

I have had these especially when upping the dose of nori.

I too, have had all of the eye tests and eye sight / overall eye health is fine, Doc said it could be the nort.

Hope you feel better soon. I am having to wean off nort due to the side effects I get from it (weigh tgain& terribly low sugars) Dr S has advised to come down to 10mg for a while then we will look at something else, as im very med sensitive!

X :smiley:

I have had eye floaters since 2009, a few years after I became ill. They haven’t left since. On a white wall, I can see loads and loads of them. My situation is different as I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme as you know, but I have done a lot of research and there is a high correlation between Lyme and eye floaters. I’ve even confirmed this with an eye doc that is lyme literate. I am by no means saying everyone w floaters has Lyme, but just wanted to share my experience. I developed the floaters when I was off all medications.

A year after all my lymph glands flared and my neuro symptoms started (18 years old, 31 now) I suddenly saw hundreds of thousands of floaters one day and they have never gone…they are especially noticeable in bright sunshine, when looking at the sky and white surfaces…I see floaters, moving things sort of like cells under a microscope and pin pricks of light…they are everywhere…I have also been diagnosed with Lyme too. xxx

Lizzie - did you mention the floaters to the Lyme doctor. wondering his thoughts? It’s the least of my issues, but sure would be nice if they would one day go.

Hey Lisa…I did but he didn’t say anything specifically about them…I agree they are the least of my issues too but irritating all the same…here’s hoping they resolve!! Xxxx

Thanks all. Mrs la, so did Dr S think they were a side effect of the nori then? Or migraine? I’m so confused, seems as though no one gets a definitive answer! Can anyone else help? I’m slightly worried about Lyme now… X

Hey Anna, I wouldn’t be overly worried about Lyme…you’ve improved on the migraine meds and you don’t have any risk of tick exposure do you? xx

P.S. I only went down the Lyme route as I remembered a bite in an endemic area…if I hadn’t had the bite I would have carried on pursuing the migraine route…that’s only my take on it…

I do want to add that you do not have to recall a tick attachment to have Lyme. You do not need to be in a known “endemic” area. Lyme is present worldwide,and I stand by what I’ve said - it is a global epidemic. I respect that others disagree with this.

Yes that’s true Lisa…alot of people don’t remember a bite…xx

Yeh. Would be so much easier if this wasn’t the case :frowning:

i got really bad eye floaters before my meds. i went into the eye doctor to make sure i was not having rental detachment. he said everything looked fine and it could be headaches causing it. i dont seem to get them anymore.


long time lurker and MAV sufferer, first time poster.

I hope this isn’t too forward. This is in response to DizzieLizzie. It sounds like what you are describing are not actually floaters but something called Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon. I have the same thing, confirmed by several specialists. For me, they are little quick moving dots that are EVERYWHERE when I look into the sky or at anything that is too stark white. Almost like a swarm of light colored tiny gnats. Is that kind of what you see? Mine just started for me out of the blue, the same day that my MAV became debilitating and chronic. To this day I don’t know why it turned the switch on, but boy did it ever.

The “good news” (if you want to call it that) is that the phenomenon is normal. What you are seeing is actually your own white blood cells pulsing through the blood vessels in your eyes. Some people are very sensitive to it and see it readily (seems to be those of us with other sensory processing issues), while most people really just don’t see it. Bad news is that being a natural phenomenon, it’s not going to go away. I will say that when I actively ignore it, it does lessen, and when I focus on it, it definitely brings it out more. Also switching vision between something with more color and pattern and not looking for too long at large blank objects helps as well.

Wikipedia (yeah, I know, not the best) has a good general overview if you want to take a look.

Best of luck to all of you. I have floaters on top of it (and have for about 15+ years now) and it is very annoying to say the least.

Hi Anna I don’t get floaters but I have flashing all the time every day Dr S said the eye thing is common with this illness I’m kind do used to it now doesn’t really bother me x

What an interesting topic for me… If there is a way to check my past posts, you will see over the last two years, I have posted a myriad of questions concerning eye problems, starting with the dreadful floaters. Unfortunately, I have learned quite a bit about visual symptoms altogether over the last few years as I have been bounced around to different doctors and researched everything on my own. Here’s what I know…

First of all, to clear the air. I imagine the floaters you are referring to are 24/7 like mine. So, to the others that experience floating objects and aura here and there, this is a different situation. Now, regarding Vitreous Floaters, the type that many older people get, that is a fact of life. These are pieces of debris that break off in the eye and are a sad part of life, but it happens. These are things that an Optometrist or Opthamologist should be able to see upon inspection. This was not the case with me. I was like you, where out of nowhere, I just began seeing lots of floating spiderwebs and what looked like amoebas floating in my vision, pretty much only against bright backgrounds like the sky or white walls. Not to scare you, but these popped up ironically when I began my taper off of Nori. I had no visual problems while on Nori. Anyways, regarding the floaters… Through my research, I am at the understanding that what I am seeing, as well as many people out there on the internet with these same visual phenomena, and maybe even you, is some kind of heightened awareness or hyper exciteability in our brains and vision, possibly due to migraines or some equivalent. Basically we are seeing things in our eyes that we shouldn’t be seeing. For more info on these types of floaters, you can look at this link. This link is also great for floaters in general. vitreousfloatersolutions.com/flo … -patients/

Which brings me to another point that an above poster brought up; Blue Field Entoptic Phenomena. This is my worst symptom. He described it perfectly a few posts above. As mentioned, this is another “normal” phenomena that “can” be seen by anyone, but for those “normal” folks, they have to try very hard to see it. Check out this link for a very thorough explanation. I find it hilarious just how hard this speaker tries to see it. http://www.youtube.com/v/S2-ZP4CTgLQ)

As noted, you can see just how difficult it is for this gentleman to see the BFEP. For me, I see it instantly when looking at the sky or at anything white. I never noticed for 28 years of my life. I began seeing it when I started seeing my floaters (like you) and once I started fixating on my floaters the BFEP became more and more apparent. Now I can’t stop seeing the BFEP for the life of me. Saying that, over the last two years, the floaters have become less bothersome.

Now that I have shared that, where am I at? My big bang for everything was Vestibular Neuritis. That is how I found my way to this forum. That’s why I started out on Nori in the first place. I had no visual problems for the first year after the VN, just the usual stuff; vertigo, balance problems, cognitive issues, etc… Once I began coming off the Nori, the visual stuff began. All the doctors told me the meds had nothing to do with my visuals. To this day I have no idea if they were the cause or not, but 2+ years later, I still have most of the same visual problems. For a long time I thought the visual problems were due to medication withdrawal, but after a year of drug abstinence, they still remained. I have seen every kind of eye and neuro doctor their is and they all say my eyes are fine, maybe I have a migraine issue. I am currently going down that route, experimenting with Topamax, Celexa and Zoloft. No luck yet. I am currently seeing a very helpful Psychiatrist and about to see ANOTHER Neuro who is very knowledgeable in migraines. He is great friends with my Psych, so they are trying to tag team my visual problems together and find a drug combo to lessen the activity in my brain to calm it down. Who knows… I hope this was helpful to you. Unfortunately I know too much about this topic. As far as I know, it is somehow related to migraines, but it seems that no one knows exactly how.

Good luck and I wish you the best.