Lexapro or Cymbalta?

I am currently trying Lexapro for the dizzies. I ts only been a week and though I have had a lot of insomnia, I have been tolerating it ok. The thing is after I started it I started looking around for some reassurance that people have gotten better on it(the dizziness) but I couldn’t find that many! I feel like there are so many more people that got better on Cymbalta. ANy advice?

i’m currently taking lexapro and am still dizzy! i recommend taking it for 3 months just to give it a fair shot so you’ll know for sure. you can always switch over later! i really like the lexapro because of the light side effects and it does help with my anxiety about this mess.

what dose are you on?
It didn’t work well for me, as it made my anxiety worse…but some doctors say stick it out, while others say you can tell fairly quickly if it’s not a match.
Cymbalta is supposed to work well for anxiety, as well as pain management (like fibromyalgia etc…)
I don’t have headaches anymore, I sleep fine, I dont have sexual side effects or weight gain…only complaint is constipation…which is common with many of these meds…


I tried both 3 years ago for fibro and felt horrible on both: I was on minimal doses and felt oversedated, experienced rapid edema/weight gain within 2 weeks, hair loss, no pain whatsoever, and I slept great. However, no luck with dizziness that I remember. Sorry about that.

Kelley i’m glad cymbalta works for you i was terrified about taking it - neuro said least likely to cause weight gain though. the little bit i tried the celexa which is similar to lexapro i guess gave me horrible insomnia and anxiety and i quit. it’s so sad that there isn’t a magic pill for all of us!!! :frowning:


Kelley has the cymbalta gotten rid of your dizziness at all?

i got up to 15 mg in lexapro. once i started taking topamax, my dr said to lower to 10 mg and eventually probably taper completely.