Lexapro while withdrawaling from prozac

Hi everyone. In a bit of a rut.

Was on 6.4mg of prozac and wasnt helping my anxiety enough so my doc direct switched to 5mg of lexapro. The lexapro at 5mg maybe me drugged for a week so we dropped to 2.5mg of lexapro. After a few days i felt great. Nor 100% but less drugged less dizzy and overall better. Its now the end of week 3 and the past few days things have gotten worse. Dizziness while walking. Oscillopsia. Zoned out. Blurred vision. Not sure if its from the lexapro or maybe prozac withdrawal. Not sure if i need to give the lex more time. I know there are a lot of posts about the meds making things worse before better but this is better then worse.

Anyone have anything similar or words of wisdom to keep persevering.

I don’t think withdraws last that long… i had withdraws on amitriptyline but it only last 3-4 days. (not including the higher heart rate which lasted 4 weeks)

Was thinking of this but prozac has a longer half life. Meds suck. How was ami for you? Seen a lot of success stories with it

it worked great for me right away for MAV but i got bad side effects I wasn’t comfortable with… My resting heart rate jumped 30-40 bpm. I had heart palpitations… and honestly i don’t care what anyone says it didn’t feel “safe” for me. I also got body tremors but I wasn’t sure if it was from that or Topamax.