Librium/Amitriptyline combo

Hello, new to the site. I was on the MAV forum on and one of the members has gotten relief from a Librium/Amitriptyline combo. Is anyone familiar with this drug or has tried it. Thanks.

Steve, welcome to the forum! This has been discussed here before under the topic of 'Limbitrol." I dont recall what was said but I think someone has tried it here. Try a search and you should find the post and related discussion. Ben

yes, someone is using it and I think in addition to Lexapro and doing very well. Maybe under Success stories?
My question was this: If Librium is a benzo, and it is added to the Ami, wouldn’t there be a worse addictive aspect? I know a lot of us do well with the benzos, but we need to keep them in check to avoid the dependence…